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Band Gap (under construction)
Every atom and molecule has its own set of orbitals in which electrons reside. In a solid, the number of molecules (or atoms) is enormous, and so the number of orbitals present in a solid is also enormous. Due to the positions of the individual orbitals within a solid, there is splitting, where different orbitals increase or decrease slightly in energy. This leads to the phenomenon of bands. Each band contains large numbers of orbitals that are almost degenerate, leading to a continuous set of orbitals from one energy to the next.


When we was in the city, we was wondrin' where to go.
A sign spelled out Pal-yat-chee up in lights above a show.
We thought 'twould be a western till the stage lit up with light,
then ninety-seven people sung without a horse in sight.

We couldn't understand them cuz' they spoke a furrin tongue,
but we can give you some idea of what we think they sung:

Ridi, Pagliaccio, sul tuo amore infranto.

All at once there's this fat guy in a clown suit
'Taint hallerween, that's for sure
Then this here feller, this punchy neller
begins to beller, like we all was deeeeef

Ha ha ha ha ha!

That was Pal-yat-chee, and he sung!

Invest in a tuba
And somethin' or other 'bout Cuba
He sung about a lady
Who weighed two hundred and eighty
When she takes a powder,
he just starts chirping louder
And he don't do a goldarned thing
'cept to stand up there and sing.

When we listen to Pal-yat-chee
we get itchy and scratchy
This sure is top corn,
so we go and buy some popcorn
We hate to go back
but we can't get our dough back.
Ain't no use complaining
cause outside it's a raining.

seven hours later
we're still in the darn theater.
Takin' turns a nappin'
waiting for something to happen.
Pal-yat-chee he ain't hurrying
but the folks on stage are flurrying
and it sounds like Khachaturian 's
saber dance.

Then old pal-yat-chee finds the guy he's seeking
cheek to cheeking
with his wife
He grabs a knife
and stabs the louse who stole his spouse
and then he stabs the lady and himself
'Taint very sanitary
They all collapse,
but old pal-yat-chee sets up
then he gets up
sayin "I'm dyin', I am dyin', I am dying"
We start cryin', cause to tell the truth we're dyin' too.
As the footlights fade out, we see Pal-yat-chee laid out,
but the dagger never caused it.
Pal-Yat-Chee was plumb exhausted.

Ridi, Pagliaccio, sul tuo amore infranto.