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I wanna marry a lighthouse keeper, and keep him company.
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You Forget Sometimes There Was Sunshine Back Then
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Yeah he wears a nice suit and maybe brings flowers
takes you to La-Something-Or-Other for dinner
drives a nice car holds the door blah blah blah
but I’m tellin’ ya this guy is nothing but trouble
even people who love him say so
brothers cousins girlfriends ex-wives
won’t cut him loose though damnedest thing
he needs money they come with the dough
I guess in the long run it’s cheaper that way
and some people are like that
can’t say no
I start to feel bad for ‘em sometimes ya know
but then I think
you reach for a bottle with three X’s on it
you know what it is
you know what’s inside
so when you puke up blood for a week and a half
how sorry can I be
I mean whose fault is that.