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lF was not interested for food for the first 5 years of life. Upon a change of mind, lF quietly made the way through a day school with peers only slightly better than komodo dragons. During this time lF befriended all the librarians and discovered a thorough disliking for the math teachers, gym, and all group activities. The art teacher was nice and took a shine to lF, but lF felt she was flaky in the flitty artist sort of way that necessitates such a personality. In this time lF also gained a mastery of Hypercard and related programs in the school's Mac lab, which were thoroughly enjoyed. Many a recess was spent playing "Three in three", a game lF can no longer locate.

Tenth grade marked the math revival, which has lasted until this day. This was due solely to two math teachers, both geniuses and very human. This was also the year the right wing history teacher answered all of lF's questions about Vietnam and the lit. teacher gave lF the first true challenges in writing and analysis. In 11th grade, lF recultivated a love of biology under the study of a teacher with endless respect for the natural world and in awe of the human body. lF went on to prove a personal mettle where lF was doubted and still disliked gym and group activities.

University was the first place where peers were not only human, but friendly and intelligent humans. lF blossomed socially, learned more about the human animal and how the rest of the world lives, met guys (but not in the biblical sense), and enjoyed studies. lF didn't have to take gym due to placing out of it and the lab partners were really cool as well. Even the closet-sized rooms and foot-high piles of snow were endearing. This was partially due to the fact that lF knew that soon she would witness her tuition dollars at work, namely in the form of landscaping. It was also due to the fact that lF was born and raised in Atlanta.

Now lF lies in flux. If a were a fly, two of the six legs would be stuck to flypaper. Right now lF is moving quickly, but whether in freefall or exponential upwards flight lF does not know.