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God Damn it! You've gotta be kind.
Look. I like to write. So much so that I'm planning to take a year off thinking, drinking, living amoung cats and writing. I need a fucked up town to do this in, where they won't freak out at a heavily tattooed Mutant in their midst. Observing and writing. Not talking to anyone. And making the stray piece of art. I'll just hang out, drink and not bother folks. I travel a lot for work, and spend lots of time alone in fucked up places, in hotels alone, drinking and writing. I got problems. So if I I'm not here often it doesn't mean I don't like the place. If you've got something important to say to me look at my homepage and you'll know what to do...take care Mutant, Bombay, India, January 9th, 2006
University of London / The Ten Percent Group
If it's worth doing, then it's worth doing to excess! And I mean writing.
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Not to die but to be reborn...
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In response to many a query, yep, I admit it : I use and abuse E2.

I wriite autobiographical stuff - experiences I've had, things I've seen and stories about folks I've met - and post them to E2.