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CS, maths, cognitive science, Philosophy, books, and whatever else interests me.
University of Kentucky, Department of Computer Science, and also First-Year Engineering.
J'ai senti comme une ironie, / Le soleil déchirer mon sein --C. Baudelaire, A celle qui est trop gaie
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I am a faculty member (specifically, an assistant professor, and also, beginning in Spring 2023, Dircector of Undergraduate Studies) of the computer science department at University of Kentucky. I was previously an undergraduate, then a grad student, at UK.   I obtained a B.S. in mathematics and a B.S. in computer science, then a PhD in the latter.

Email: (spam will be dealt with; we have guns).
Real Name: Neil Moore.
Phone Number: (859)/213-0271. Telemarketers will die.

Politics: individual liberty and equality, heavy corporate and economic regulation, and high taxes all around. I am distrustful of neoliberal economic policy, especially when it involves the developing world. I do not have a problem with capitalism itself, as long as measures are in place to limit the unequal distribution of wealth. Whatever my political views on a subject may be, my selfishness, complacency, intellectual curiosity, and fatalism combine to keep me from complaining too much about regimes with at least a moderate amount of social and intellectual freedom.

. . . That's when I don't stop to think about it. When I do, I just get depressed. Critical Theory and postmodernism mix about as well as Absolut and Seconal.

All y'alls is cool. Those I've met, those I've talked to, those whose nodes I have read, those who have read my nodes, and those I have yet to interact with. Community doesn't even begin to describe it.

On the subject of a 19-inch monitor versus a laptop LCD:

<dannye> My eyes have likely seen more horrible shit than yours, Crux. Thus, I need bigger to make it seem real to me.

#! /usr/bin/perl -w

+$n,$n*$n+1,$n*$n*$n*$n*$n*$n+$n+$n+$n),$n{$n}="Spam Is Not A Nice Thing",$u=$n
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$n[  $n[$n[$n[$n[$n]]]]]]-$_;}@    U=($n$n[$n[$n[$   n]]           -$n
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,(n$   n)-$   n+$  n);    for(+@u){    print   chr(  (ord$_)+$  U$u    ++)

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                 n[ $n   [$n[$n  [$n[$n   [$   n] ]]           ]]
                  ]:q            ()

The pages bookmarked below are for the most part pages that I found to be emotionally moving. They are, in general, not factual---there are way too many good factual nodes for me to even attempt bookmarking them.