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I've been working on Radial Drift a bit here and there. I can't remember if I've talked about it on here before. I probably have, but I'll give you a few-sentences-rundown. It's a hard science fiction novel that's in the works, in which the protagonist progressively loses her humanity. It borders on cyberpunk but it's more cyber than punk. We've got upgraded people, androids, and humans living on mars. Anyway, my second draft was acceptable and I would say it was average or marginally below-average as far as novels go. Nothing exceptional really at all, but the writing is decent. Not as cliche as it could be, which is a good thing. The grammar and phrasing is decent. I've seen a lot better, I've seen some worse. I'm completely gutting and rewriting it for the third draft though, so who knows how that's going to go. Basically, I settled for some cheap horror in the second draft and it just... it's meh. It was mostly just for catharsis; proverbial fountains of blood, a rape scene, et cetera. Cheap horror. Going back through it, though, most of it just doesn't sit right with me. The entire time I was writing it, I was attempting to justify the horrible things the protagonist does. But then I was struck with a proverbial meteor — what if the protagonist is not justified? What if the protagonist does progressively more horrible things to a morally-neutral antagonist? What if the protagonist becomes worse than the antagonist. I need to gut the thing and redo a lot of it. Which is work. But once I get a good momentum going it will be fun. Writing is always fun.

I wrote up a longer summary for this second paragraph of the writeup but it sounded stupid so I deleted it. Grumble, grumble.

I hope nobody I know finds these daylogs. It doesn't really matter, I guess. Whatever happens happens.

The whole day is gone already. I really don't know where the time goes. I read some of my Birds and Blooms magazine this morning. The February one, because I can't find the January one. I shouldn't have so many possessions that I lose things, but getting rid of things is so hard. The eternal struggle. I worked on university-algebra garbage for a while. I understand so far. I look forward to never having to think about this again. Which will be a while, because I have to take Calc 1-4. Just thinking about it makes me feel a bit pukey. Mathematics is mostly pukey-feeling, with brief instances in which it is profoundly and immensely sexy. But those moments are so few and far between (for me specifically, at least) that it does not make it worth the while. I still apply myself. Maybe not as much as I can, though.

I might try writing daylogs just to myself, on my computer. I can almost never keep the momentum going if it's just for myself though. Writing to the void of an unknown website just helps me process better for some reason.

I discovered this thing called "doom metal" yesterday, and I'm really, really liking it. I've been looking for the genre for years and I'm happy to finally discover it. I've been looking for music that's really, really heavy, but really, really slow, and this genre perfectly encapuslates everything I've always wanted. I am immensely pleased with my discovery.