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I joined E2 because I got bored with Wikipedia.
Science Fiction, Computer stuff, Science(maybe)
That's Classifed Information.
If The Laws Of Physics Permit It, It Can Be Done. Also, If It Can Be Done, The Laws Of Physics Must Permit It. Or else.
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The Blog:

Who am I?
I am a science fiction enthusiast, a computer geek and E2-addict. What else is there to say?

My CSS Experiment, or Why I Must Now Hang My Head In Shame Whenever I Go To Microsoft's Website. One day, I was browsing around E2 when I found this. This gave me an idea. It ran something along the lines of,
What if I was to apply the CSS from ANOTHER site to E2?
So I hunted the web for sites. Then, I came up with the idea I will regret forever.
What if I used the CSS from www.microsoft.com!
So, I found out what stylesheets MS use for their main page. I modified it a bit to make it fit into the Zen theme skeleton(by the way, MS's web designers write REALLY messy CSS), but there it was. I hit "Create Stylesheet" and..

It was ugly. It was very ugly. It transformed the greatest web page in existence into the worst.

If you want to view the horror for yourself, look at the Deranged stylesheet. You'll regret it.