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I don't know what to put here and I keep changing this stupid bio and it's never perfect. I'll get it eventually.

I miss being younger and despise the fact that I keep getting older and it doesn't stop and my life is passing by and ugh ugh ugh.

I am a very big fan of the Brannagh production of Hamlet and I have the dvd. I know and acknowledge the controversy of Brannagh hiring Kate Winslet because he said he had to wait for her to be 18 so he could cast himself doing a very very very unnecessary sex scene with her. but the aesthetics are great, I love them. I think I like David Tennant as Hamlet just a little bit more because Brannagh is very manicky, which is a choice of style -- I was saying he was manicky as someone who has experienced manic episodes, but he did say in the commentary that he deliberately chose to present as manic while playing Hamlet. I haven't gotten around to the Mel Gibson Hamlet, and the Richardson Hamlet was too incestuous for my preference. I don't mind the Ian McKellen Macbeth, but I rather disliked their Lady Macbeth, but it's hardly untraditional.

I love black, dark, bitter coffee. I want it to burn my mouth, I want to be wired. That's how I know it's good. I use dark roast or espresso beans, fill the filter all the way to the top, and savor my sludge. It's never strong enough. Even when I gag, when I feel like puking, it's not strong enough. I feel a deep, aching longing for coffee so bitter that it overwhelms my soul and burns me halfway to hell for the brief instant it's in my mouth.

I aspire to be a novelist one day. It would be nice to get a short story published somewhere, but rejections rejections rejections. Someday. Currently working on a story in the dark/high-fantasy genre, written in the first person from the pov of a monster (not a human hero). It's about demons bargaining souls, and murdering angels, and fae and magic, and death and trauma. I don't know when it will be finished, but some days it's legitimately the singular only thing I can think about. I haven't worked on it at all recently due to business and stress and anxiety and existential angst. It's a little nauseating.

I listen almost exclusively to Breaking Benjamin and it's a little embarrassing because it's like... dude. They're so old now, and so angsty and edgy, and I hate the way their music makes me feel but I listen to it anyway. Exclusively is an exaggeration, but still.

DM me a fun fact or a joke.