I lay him across my lips. He soaks me through. Under the t-shirt, he's just a skinny white boy, but so smooth. Something so spare and anorexic should not taste like chocolate. He is a lie. He drips all over me as we slide across each other's tongues.

He makes no sense. Standing, in clothes, he was all hard edges. Then he started talking.

it was over

My mouth had to know.

Our hands like little doves settle in each other's hair. A kiss, flat against mine, then he pushes his tongue inside. I suck his lower lip, slowly backward, and I move down his jaw line. When I reach his ear, I run my tongue up against the C of cartilage and it takes no more than that.

i know that gasp, sir

His confidence is what shocks me. He pushes my shirt up as he guides my zipper down. In the moment he's kissing my breasts, he's exposing them, then his kiss is next to my bellybutton and then

I can barely fumble at his waistband before he slides past me. I can barely scream before he slides into me.

now this sweet blur
this spicy smell of him
moving above and against me
i am not tied up
but i am
bound and
drowning in chocolate kisses
i swear he is laughing
as his thrusts bruise my thighs
and the sky explodes
with wicked winking chocolate stars

I knew before we met that I would seduce him. Just another gently won fling to lap up. Somehow he turned my tables. Somehow he swallowed me whole.

A year passed, I had to have one more taste. I saw some other girl's teeth marks. His chocolate was not so sweet.

it was sweet enough for a night