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fishing with john
I am but an egg.
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/me misses sensei - I hope you are doing better, you seem wise and good.

I can't wait to read more yummy information!

Things to write about:

  • alt.pave.the.earth
  • alt.warlords
  • alt.chrome.the.moon
  • alt.sex.fetish.star.trek
  • once burned, twice shy
  • unicom
  • the last unicorn vs. the last unicom
  • tallyho - and it's use in aviation
  • cheap tricks parents try to get away with (cake story)
  • Tools for noders:
    • A graphical tree browser/viewer Java (& XML?) based.
    • Let people attach brief reasons to votes - seen only by author
    • Let people propose new names for nodes - to save good writeups which had been poorly named.
    • Let authors change node names?
    • In general - some better automated feedback will make editors less necessary
    • Ideally multiple e2 (or e2 like) based nodes should be able to auto interconnect. This would allow an explosion of growth, much like the birth of HTTP.
    • Some way to let these interconnecting nodes create policies on the type of articles they can contain. ex: if someone wants to a attach a funny note to a coding node on a coding site, could the note be instead redirected to some other more appropriate server?
    • This new Java based everything3 could build a database dynamically. Any time a user submits a new query it could in turn query the legacy everything2 and snarf the entry. This would make it easy to convince people to switch.
    • What about the idea of pull or push driven gateways to netnews or HTML search engines? Some way to merge the three different worlds of nodes, news, and HTML servers.