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Read, learn, create and make the ultimate IB history timeline. :)
Pseudo-intellectualism, biology, maths, failing at chemistry, history, grammarrrrr.
McGill. Arts and Science. :) And one day, Medicine.
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He has redefined me, again and again
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I can try and define myself in innumerable ways.

I could define myself in numbers, as incredibly clinical as it may be.
177, 71, 0033, 42, 675, 4.9-4.9-12.0, 20, 7, 4.5.
(height, weight, area code, IB predicted score, UKCAT score, BMAT scores, cigarettes smoked per month, number of minutes needed to shower, Kinsey scale rank).

I could define myself in bookmarked websites, in usernames for the forums I am on, in StumbleUpon preferences, in blogs.

I could define myself by my writings, musings, arguments and ethics. I do a lot of things, and there are a lot of things I do not do. I'm a poet, a writer, a social activist, a dreamer, a terrible singer, a biologist, a not-so-fantastic chemist, a mathematician. I'm an IB student too...that has much more effect on me than you would think. I'm a total geek, and take great pride in that fact.

Otherwise...having espoused reality, I promptly divorced God.

I'm fascinated by people. So tell me more.