in a small concrete room packed with digital audio equipment
and wires, and a row of hard chairs up against the wall
on a prrojector screen is john cage in one eighth sspeed,
and thhe mminnd getsss lossst mmiddwwwoooorrrrrddd
ammid the reflections and distortiions of his face,
the color elements of an old television set
magnified up to a grid of neon clublights
occasionally discerning a lip or the corner of an eye
like the smooth pebbles of his one eighth speed voice

then Professor in one eighth speed live
recounted how he used to warn his class once a year
that at some point during the lecture
he would scream as loud as he could
and then resume lecturing.

and in the silence and his little smile as he sat there
in front of eight or so students his words echoed in our minds
overlaid with the expectation of a scream.