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Recursion, convolution, acronymization, quining, and other stupid word tricks.
School of Fish
Never follow your motto.
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My general web site is available at '', my artsy-fartsy and incomplete website is available at '', and my email address is

I don't look much like my picture anymore, I have a beard now...

My GnuPG public key ID is 0xACABA81E, and fingerprint is 3A47 CFA5 0E5D CF4A 5B22/12D3 FF1B 84FE ACAB A81E. It's available from any of the regular keyservers, for instance or (web)

Many of the bookmarks below are users. Some of them date back to the First Age, I think. As hamster bong likes to say, they are dreamy little people. Please give them your love and your reading time, they deserve it.