Because the day-glow Jesus on the door told me to. Because through all the geek screaming around here he sits quitely and doesn't make them shut up. Because I think he was reading my mind and eating my thoughts. Because thefez said to, a long time ago. I did it so I could run away to Mexico with nate like he told me in his arms that warm summer night. Kurt calls himself the pope for godsake anyone who has that big of a head needs a concrete wake-up call. Because there was motive and opportunity, things that don't go together as much as you would think. Because he drank the last Brisk. Because I think he really wanted me to do it, there was definately a certain gleam in his eye while he fell. Because he was late today and still hasn't given me a key. Because bones told me I would go up a level. Most of all because he said the glass was unbreakable.

"He said yes to life for all his life but then one day he said.;oh, I got to go.."