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I'm back for a bit. only for a bit, mind. I haven't time. And yet, and yet. Well, give me a smack if you see me on here too often. Also disagree with me liberally (by which I mean a lot, not, y'know, like you're one of those masachussetts pinkoes necessarily) if you want to, that'd be fun. I will node my homework and fuck off back to life again. Have to say though, no other medium of publication offers quite the immediacy of response that this does, for better or worse. Thanks for saying nice things, and also for pointing out that I'm a complete tosspot. (Cute little anglicism for you there.) Right. I have an essay to write and it's 4.28 am, so you'll excuse me.

it occurs to me I should say, that I've more or less gone away. I didn't really mean to, but it happened nevertheless, rather like the way the first sentence rhymed. Still, I check messages occasionally, and talk shit about Winchester College, so tell me if you think my writing is magnificently wise or appalling shit, or if you take vigorous issue with my assertions- though all these things feel like they were written about a million years ago, by someone else, so I may not be able to exert much will to defend them if so.
The rest of this stuff may as well stay, as a monument to taste past. I hope you're very well and lead as happy a life as is consistent with not becoming a cunt. For what it's worth, I still think this is a magnificent idea, and it's eminently possible that one day I'll start posting again.

I realise there is a tendency for departing homenode words to read a little like first drafts of lifetime achievement award acceptance speeches, and I apologise that mine does little to buck this trend.
With all good wishes, or love, or whatever you feel the appropriate sentiment is

5 books you should read

5 albums you should hear

5 films you should see

5 plays you should attend or put on

  • The Changeling by Thomas Middleton
  • One For The Road by Harold Pinter
  • This Is Our Youth by Kenneth Lonergan
  • Gagarin Way by Gregory Burke
  • Dance of Death by August Strindberg

  • (and Shakespeare, of course)

    and these poets are good

    I don't know you, but I think if you like this stuff, we're going to get along fine

    these people or things also deserve your attention, and mine
    (in no particular order)

    the earl of rochester who has nothing to do with jane eyre
    mr milton
    john dryden
    william wycherley
    raymond carver
    joyce carol oates
    philip roth
    saul bellow
    thomas wyatt
    A E Housman
    w h auden
    t s eliot
    charles bukowski
    norman mailer
    rainer maria rilke
    Arthur Miller
    patrick marber
    p g wodehouse
    ray loriga
    wallace stevens
    robert lowell
    thomas carew
    ben jonson
    john updike
    ernest hemingway
    F. Scott Fitzgerald
    jonathan swift
    laurence sterne
    matthew arnold
    rupert brooke
    paul auster
    charlotte bronte and her sister emily
    jane austen
    john cheever
    john clare
    dorothy parker
    thomas more
    flannery o'connor
    l p hartley
    ralph waldo emerson
    william carlos williams
    walt whitman
    ezra pound
    william faulkner
    gentlemen prefer blondes
    but gentlemen marry brunettes
    yevgeny zamyatin
    did I say john donne?

    sigur ros
    the smiths
    nina simone
    billie holliday
    hefner, and I don't care what anyone else says
    the divine comedy
    sidney bechet
    radiohead, obviously
    joy division
    bright eyes, that is, conor oberst (and I wish these people would just use their frickin' names too)

    the books
    the be good tanyas
    chet baker
    ed harcourt
    nick cave
    tom waits
    gil scott-heron
    james yorkston, only on the strength of one song, but I think he merits investigation
    stina nordenstam
    trash money
    ugly duckling
    fats waller
    neil young
    I don't care: coldplay and travis and fuck you
    rough trade compilations
    the white stripes
    the moldy peaches
    sonic youth
    ryan adams
    the polyphonic spree
    george harrison
    the flaming lips
    aimee mann