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Themes I quite like: this one, this one, this one, though none of them are fully usable for me, so my own will emerge some time.

I have, somewhere, a wertperch-esque list of unwritten nodes and ripe topics for picking — unfortunately I can only find the M-L instalment of the paper copy, and the hard drive with E2 Offline Scratchpad is long crashed. One day it'll surface.

Not that anyone actually reads this, but I may as well ask the aether: please /msg me before killing a writeup or nodeshell (I used to spend a lot of time doing useful reference softlinking, and the number of good shells that silently vanished back into the nodegel was disheartening) of mine. Thanking you kindly.

note to self: shirt buttons; 'You are a writer in the sense that a woodpecker is a carpenter / 1147205585.38685' / ekw shredder / style defacer Older than old:

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