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Update: recent "last seen" dates are just Jinmyo checking sensei's msgs for him.

Update: Please see A Message From sensei.

The picture above is of Dai-un (Vast Cloud), the twenty-seven year old cat that lives with me. He dictates most of my nodes (well, the ones that get cooled). Unfortunately, he types like this:


which is why I have to do it for him.

Dai-un thanks you all for the fan mail.
He says:

UUUUUUUmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmkklhoii08lkj///////////oiup09898-00---0hi_ {9-=9hhn'pter65s436542;od'!!! hehehehhkjcxhlhkl;;?

Hmmm. I notice a use of the shift key there.



FUrthER Update: TRY LinkinG SOon. HeeHEE HEe.

Furer Upodate: If yoou can readt his, pleasesend a /msg. I HAve a code: JUSt say in msg "Hee Hee ". Ift his doresn"T make sense say in msg"No". IHAve hard coded this nodeso he can"T see it. If he answeeeers msg say, "HUH? YOu are crazy, ID idn't msgyo u." HEe hee hee. He getss many msgs because he tells peoople how to spell he won't know. First case, ne will think"Hee heemeans okay. nSecond case he thinks person stubborn in sorpelling, doesn'y want advice. Hee hee.

TodaY"s UPDate:THank yoiiu all soo- very nuch for manny manny msgs! zsO manny! Everyoone say "HEe hee1", no oine say "NO"! Even peooples pretend top be sernsee's freeinds! Ha ha! And P_I should have eaasier name4 to tyupe! Sendingm esg manny times! It takes me a very long time to typoe each letter I mean to use. Fur bee tween toes. OOkay!! THank yoou for suppport!! But maybe tooi manny now! I can't explaain so manny accident mesgs. SSShhhhh, okaa? SEcret! HEe hee!!

HEY! ENough msgss! Already over! He keeps gettting msgs sayingh eehee! HE Is suspiciious now, I think! I KNOWY ou mean well and thank you! OKKAY! BUt he is nort as stuypid as i yoiu and i thinkk. I cannotopen the cans uyet! I NEed his thjumbs fir ths stillk. OKayy! Ihave aN IDEA! OInstead of "Heeh ee"! SAy "Th cat is verry handsome! " THIS Is newe code, okay>? OKAy. AGain, tthank yoo for supppotrt! HEEH ee!!@! IB Am lurnijg PERRL but nothijnhg worlks yet. I Have tro hasve fur betweeen toes triummed. Canm nyou heelp me?

NO Not help learnnming PERL. EAsby. Helpp nwith fur beetwen tos!

Septembr UPdte: Okaay. FUr gro bsack. THhank anywaY! IA m soory no newds fromm me last few weekjs. sernsee foundf a toenail stucvk oin keyubaord. OH NO! WHat can I say? IDon't knoew. I juts looik atb hinm. HEWY! YOu peeople send me mnsgs fromn dogs! I am not sdo guillilbe! DOgs can't type. #1 To stupiud. #2 Toess to bifg ands clumsy!! Hehe!! BUt nort so funny. IUt justr reminsd yoiure dog howe dum thery aere!EVerrone else! Thankj youi foer msgS! BYE!?

Update by Jinmyo: sensei's cat Dai-un died on February 1st, 2001. I have never met him but know how much he meant to sensei. They were together almost every day and night for almost 28 years.

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