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Trivia and religious apocrophya generated from a profound interest in history and of course, my past as a cultist n.n
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Youth of Unity
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I was born, incarnated after the consummation of two members of the newest form of priest hood, two dark and deadly warriors. I speak of course, of lawyers. In my early life, my body was slightly hobbled, by a neurological disorder which has been termed developmental dyspraxia. This lovely bit of alliteration means, simply that it takes me some time, more than what is termed 'average' to incorporate gross or fine motor skills into my mental repitoire. Basically, I learn actions slow, but when I get them, I get them down, fairly well. This caused me to suck at sports, and so I turned my attention to my mind, accruing dumb amounts of vocabulary from my loquacious and sometimes Socratic parents.

Through a series of interesting events so special and s00per d00per secret I cannot relay them here, for fear of defenstration or worse, I found myself in with the Youth of Unity, rated by the Effa Bee Eye (Federal Beaureau of Investigation) in nineteen hundred and eighty three, as a youth cult. The Y.O.U. was quite harmless, though, quite harmless, indeed, only exposing me to inner peace and a wide, wide variety of religions and view points there on. Past this, I also dabbled fairly heavily in the Qabbalah, (with it's 40 acceptable spellings, thank you) and in cerimonial magic, in general. My retention for meaningless trivia is truly astounding, so e2 is just bound to make me worse, eh?