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If I reach level 10, I will turn all my nodes into poetry.
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Badgers? Badgers?? We don't need no stinking badgers!
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How to be an improv musician
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My name is Shayne. I am now a resident of Burnaby, British Columbia.

you can find me at http://www.shaynekasai.com

I have a Fender Rhodes.

I speak french.

I want a cello.

I'm a pianist, and I like to play funk and jazz. I'm also a jazz drummer. I currently like:

things i've conquered:

  • lucifer peak
  • gwuillam lakes
  • kokanee glacier
  • mnt. biking svaboda
  • elephant mountain (peak)

things i need to conquer:

  • west coast trail
  • europe and asia
  • various peaks @ valhalla

current #e snippet <booyaa|WORK> tuxie is a tree hugging hippy <tuxedo_mask> that i am <booyaa|WORK> dude.. <tuxedo_mask> can i quote you? <booyaa|WORK> sure <booyaa|WORK> you go ahead <booyaa|WORK> :) <eli> eh, shut up and eat your hippie-chops