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Born in Buffalo, 1966 as in the Vincent Gallo movie. Resigned to the curse of Buffalo sports franchises never winning any championship in a major sport. Went to school for biology and actually do work related to my education, namely clinical research. I got married 5/4/03, chose the date for obvious mnemonic reasons.

To paraphrase the Dalai Lama "My religion is simple, my religion is hockey." I am an avowed hockey junky and fanatic. The only reason I have a satellite dish is for NHL center ice. And I must be a fan since, as of this writing (11/21/02) my team, the Buffalo Sabres are in dead last. ...and yet I must still watch. I also play and officiate.

TURNOFFS: those in Ivory towers, Richard Nixon , Ronald Reagan, people who don't know the difference between subjective and objective, middle class republicans (you are just bigoted jackoffs), Trent Lott, John Woo (overrated crappy movies thick on action and thin on plot, writing, acting and editing), snobs who don't own televisions, snobs who only watch Merchant Ivory films, Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Miller (post MNF), Bill O'Reilly (I would duel him if it were still legal), Gingrich, W, Karl Rove, Ari Fleischer, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il, people in LA living the LA-lifestyle, Miami Dolphins fans, Dallas Cowboys fans, people who don't read, psuedo-Bhuddists who tell you how great meditating is for their portfolio, anti-marijuana propagandists, people who use the phrase "you lost, get over it". More to come, if you are included in this list, downvote me I ain't no upvote whore.