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Areas of interest: Media, politics, music, language, philosophy, and the points where they connect.
station23 Productions. (a lower-case corporation™)
No challenge should be faced without a little charm and a lot of style.
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I"m still a litte bit away... internet access isn't what it used to be. But head on over to http://fearlondon.blogspot.com to see what else I'm doing with my time, and just email if any of my old nodes need updated.


Station23 is away...
Afraid I don't have much internet access at the moment - I'm checking in when I can , but please msg me and I'll get back to you.

Alternatively, email jamiecredland@yahoo.co.uk , with 'Everything2'(or something equally obvious) in the subject.

And, of course, let me know if you want a cheesy postcard with a buffalo on it, or a large brown bag full of heroin to be smuggled into to Britain for you, or... actually, forget I just said that...

To follow my movements, see the plan on my scratch pad...

If I sent you a message about some tiny little typo, I'm sorry if it annoyed you. Honestly, I'm only trying to improve on something that I think is worth improving. If I didn't think your write-up was worthwhile, I probably would not have read it so carefully as to spot the typo.

And, I really do appreciate feedback on my write-ups. If you spot mistakes, inconsistencies, repetitions, unfair sarcasm, libel, or anything else that shouldn't be there, just let me know. Of course, if you don't spot any of these, you can let me know too..!

So I was thinking about what to put in this thing. Seemed an awful waste, having a great big empty page... but then there was that little sub/ver/sive fuck/er inside me, who thought anonymity was cool... but then I had a minor epiphany. You see, there's no point in anonymity at e2. You can't hide your identity. If I want to find out who you are, I will... all I have to do is read your write-ups.

So, if you want to know more about station23, read the write-ups. Admittedly, this might give you a slightly wierd impression, since there aren't many there just yet, but there are subliminal messages lightly sprinkled through each of them. You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to work it out. You just need to be receptive.

23 April 2002: Reached Level 2
Immediately decided I need to spend some polishing the write-ups I've already done, so if you have suggestions/comments/constructive criticism, please /msg me.
29 May 2002: 13:24 Server Time
I have just hit exactly 303 experience points. Wicked.
10 July 2002: Met first RealLife© Noder
Met the mighty mkb in Rome, and then saw the even mightier Kruder & Dorfmeister. Turns out noders are not just a collection of electrons floating towards my monitor, or even figments of my imagination, but actual squishy-gooey human beans just like myself. Shocking.
23 July 2002: Milestone Day
Managed to reach 50 write-ups for the first time, and simultaneously see a write-up of mine in the Random Nodes box. Spooky. 7 October 2002: 20:39 Server Time
XP reaches four-digits, and I dance naked around my room chanting 'I will whore myself for XP' in a melodramatic voice.

Some common misconceptions dispelled...

Write-ups that I'm currently working on, or that I would like to see written (it doesn't matter whether they're written by me or not). Kind of like a poor mans content rescue team or something....:

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