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Nick Wheeler and The All-American Rejects

Nickolas Don Wheeler (born March 20, 1982) is the lead guitarist,back-up vocalist, keyboardist, and programmer for The All-American Rejects. He was born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma and his favorite band is Def Leppard. When he was a teen, he was invited to play with his band at a party .Tyson Ritter was the bouncer for. Ritter, seeing that Wheeler's band didn't have a bassist, joined with them, starting a close friendship with Wheeler. The two went to New York City to record the first album. Months later, they added Mike Kennerty and Chris Gaylor to their live show. Their first album, for which Nick played drums and guitar, released many hits such as Swing, Swing, Time Stands Still and The Last Song.

After a one and a half year hiatus, they released their sophomore album, Move Along, this time with Interscope Records instead of Doghouse Record which released their first self-titled album. The CD sold much better then the first album, with Top 20 hit, Move Along and Top 10 hits. He has toured with the All American Rejects in two tours in 2006, the Black Cloud and Underdogs tour opening for Fall Out Boy. Later on, the All American Rejects had a headlining tour, the Tournado. Also in 2006, Nick played guitar for the Snakes on A Plane music video. He owns numerous guitars, both electric and acoustic, one being a Gibson Firebird. He took one semester at Oklahoma State University and then dropped out. He first started to play the guitar when he was seven.