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On nodeshells and my intimate relationship with them...

As you may or may not be aware, I do a whole lot more nodeshelling than I do noding. Often I come across a subject and look it up on E2 but find it unnoded. Immediately (after checking under alternate node titles (sometimes not thoroughly enough sorry)) I will nodeshell it and saturate it with relevant softlinks. Generally I don't possess the requisite knowledge of the subject to make a decent node, the time to investigate it, nor the writing skills to pull it off. When I do node I generally stick to concise factual noding. I love it when you guys fill one of my nodeshells, especially if it's an excellent effort of course. When I discover such feats I generally reward with one my few precious C!s. Please feel free to /msg me if you fill one of my nodeshells as I have no idea how many I have created, let alone the titles of all of them.

Editors: Before you nuke my nodeshell please stop and think whether it's something that ought to be noded first. Some of my nodeshells are so obscure that even I may not recall what they relate to but generally I supply lots of relevant links if I can. If there are no links and you still can't decide what the nodeshell is about, try looking up the node title in your favourite search engine - if you get responses it's probably worth preserving. If you still decide to nuke it, well no worries, it's only a nodeshell. (:

So if you're looking for node inspiration, look no further!

Nodshells who deserve to be noded: I can't believe it's not noded! Okay it's noded but I still don't know what it is:
  • spelling reform
    Many languages have had them, Spanish and German have had recent ones, various lanuguage nodes mention the odd tidbit, a central repository would be nice
  • Rational Rose
Subjects I'd like to read about here but have not nodeshelled:
  • The oval-shaped stickers/decals/plates with 1/2/3 letters on European cars:
  • The rules of French spelling and pronunciation
  • If the OED insists I should spell facade as façade and naive as naïve, why doesn't it explain these non-English? letters in the alphabet secion up the front?!
  • How does braille work in other languages? What about languages that use a different alphabet or writing system? What about highly technical literature such as mathematics and scientific texts? Why is there a 6-point and an 8-point system?
If your native language is not English, and especially if it's not so widely-spoken, /msg me or email me about the novel in your language that is the best, the most famous, or the must-read...