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I'm an illustrator and a sign-maker job-hunter pre-student. I live in Seattle. I love one man who loves me, and one who loves my vocabulary have sworn off boyfriends. I have a pet python. I'm not afraid of anything except zombies, worldwide cataclysm, and not being taken seriously when I need to be.

Collected Quotes

"Whenever I say something about how I really feel it is inevitably taken the right way and people all realize what a dick I am."
-San Inman, 3/1/05

"He has the reddest, tastiest blood. She could draw it, but does not. This she carries with her like an awful secret."
-- icicle, "She was a committed romantic and an anarcha-feminist. This was hard for her because it meant she couldn't blow up beautiful buildings.", E2

"Oh no, complete strangers who believe what they see on MTV think I'm a pervert. Aahhh. I'm covered in kinky bees."
-127 0 0 1

So I totally lost the deposit on these socks due to Skinny Puppy:
"I'd like to return these socks, good sir"
"I'm afraid we cannot take them back, they look like they've been extremely rocked"
- baka, LJ

"Little known fact: The Bible was also planned as a trilogy, but subsequent rewrites left out the Hilarious Testament."
- kthejoker, E2

"... I asked him what it was like to love someone from afar as he did, whether it was enough. 'It is heavenly, and shouldn't the heavenly be enough?'"
- Peter Hoeg, "Hommage a Bournonville", From Tales of the Night

“There’s just something special about redheads that really does it for me.  I’m not sure just what it is that makes them different than other women, but I think it’s that they have red hair.”
- Robert Berry,

"Y'see, the problem with Christian Contemporary Music, from a musical standpoint, is: it ruins the plot of all the songs. What I mean is, you know ahead of time what the singer's eventually gonna come around to: The Big J. It doesn't matter what it seems to be about; the song's really about how Jesus is the one and only savior and how God loves you, even if you do have tattoos and never trim your beard."
-Crux, E2

IWhoSawTheFace: IT IS TIME
Simulacron3: Your watch is fast. Sit down.

"Eat fried chicken and use sun screen and you'll do just fine."
-futurebird, E2

Having your art bashed is like having someone tell you your child smells bad. You cry, but you do it while you wash that funky ass baby.
-Suzie View

"There are so many open nodes on Capitol Hill that I no longer need a computer to surf the web. I just open my mouth and download porn through my fillings."
-Ann Koi

But I don't want to watch a reality TV show based off a website. If I wanted to watch a reality show based off a website I'd go to the local goth clubs.

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