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I am a jack of all trades. Engineer, Scientist, Mechanic, Sculptor, Welder, Writer, Athlete, Computer Geek, Philosopher, Psychologist, Neurochemist, and Sociologist. That's just to name a few. Many people say there's a fine line between genius and insanity. I'm living breathing proof that there is no line, only a complex gradient.

I'll explain in a few words what I mean by most of those things I just wrote:

Engineer - find problem, understand problem, solve problem
Scientist - find phenomenon, try to understand phenomenon
Mechanic - fix broken things
Sculptor - create misshapen representations of normal things found in nature, mostly using metal
Welder - melt metal in order to fuse two pieces together; sometimes it works
Writer - continuously bitch about the world and our place in it
Athlete - attempt to provide physical challenge to my life
Computer Geek - ok. i'm the guy who everyone goes to for advice on computers, help with computers, or counselling on "why I shouldn't destroy my computer"
Philosopher - being a computer geek, I love logic, so philosophy follows naturally
Psychologist - refer to previous statement on counselling; append helping people with their relationships and/or lives, even though I can't seem to keep mine in order
Neurochemist - I admit. This mostly stems from my incredible desire for intoxication. I like to understand what I'm getting myself into before consuming some filthy bollocks I bought on the internet (haven't done that in quite a while, though...)
Sociologist - extension of psychologist; includes behavior on a macro scale, why people do the stupid things they so often do, and how we might be able to improve this crap we call a society