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To run around, thinking I'm a snake.
Crosswords, geocaching, video games, and insanity
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Zero Time Dilemma
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calm the fuck down. please.

yeah, i've pretty much fled this site. but not for negative reasons. mostly for time management reasons. that, and the fact that i'm more or less no longer a writer. i will still pop in from time to time but don't be surprised if nothing new happens here. in any case, y'all have been great and i do miss you. but for now...

/me misses Butterfinger McFlurry

You can still contact me.
Just ask.

In your face, I can see your past.
In my face, I hope you can see my future.

Version: 0.1.2
NAT l+++ xp n- C+ H+ c+ e++ #? d++ D+ p g+ N

Version: 3.12
GM/O d- s++:-- !a C+++ UL+ P-- L+++ E++ W+ N- o? K- w+ O? M+ V-- PS++ PE+ Y@ PGP- t--- 5-- X-- R tv- b++ DI+++ D G e++ h- r++ y?

waverider37 needs:

  • no mic stand
  • your sex talk
  • his own cocktail menu
  • to find more purple
  • stricter fraud prevention
waverider37 wants:
  • to stay in the housing sector
  • to be adored and worshipped like the royalty he feels he is
  • to be joined in an elephant ride
  • to snack on the camera
  • an end zone celebration

Stay gold,
love CJ


for those who want to contact me outside of e2, try darkfighter37 aht gmail dawt com.
if it is Serious Business you want, try cj.marland.37 aht gmail dawt com.


Created by Waverider37
Written by Waverider37
Animation by Waverider37
Text by Waverider37
Idea by Waverider37
Lighting by Waverider37
Costume Design by Waverider37
Cameraman: Waverider37
Key Technician: Waverider37
Gaffer: Waverider37
Best Boy: Waverider37
Llama Trainer: Waverider37
Professional Stalker: Waverider37
Bodyguard: Waverider37
Person who goes "w00t" in the twenty-fourth paragraph from the end (the one on the left in the yellow-and-black text): Waverider37
Last Starfighter: Waverider37
Editor: Waverider37
Producer: Waverider37

this work, and everything else written by waverider37, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia licence.

The journey of 1000 writeups usually begins with one nuke...