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We watched the weather turn, with the dogs
Asleep at our feet. Laughing at the storms
Youthful arrogance. We lost control of our legs
Ran, tripped, grazed our knees as we chased dreams
Over logs and grasslands. Clasping my umbrella
Tightly so that we could hear the rain as it sang.

They were laughing when we sang
With landlocked voices, highs like dogs
Shouting at the moon. Our grey umbrellas
Camouflaged our ideals and tricked the storm
So it couldn’t possibly read how our dream
Could fall flat and lose its legs.

I held your hand while your sea legs
Dangled. I remember the way you sang
The blues to create a background where a dream
Could exist. Where we’d run breathless like dogs
Holding a scent that gets lost in a storm.
Shaking the rain off our umbrellas.

I liked to leave you little presents under umbrellas
Just before it rained. Cover your legs
My love, you get cold when the storm
Sings, the chorus fades. You remember what he sang
Right? His voice cracking at ‘you’re going to the dogs
And you’ll like it’. He never appreciated a dream

I danced past every drop of rain, once in a dream
And once with you. We didn’t need umbrellas
Or gods to tell us how to suffer the sickness of dogs
And chase our tails between our legs.
The piano music lost, until the note that sang
Sounded like a child lost outside in a storm.

I thunder proofed our house ready for the storm.
He never came around. Respected our dreams
And always made sure that when he sang
It was soprano. We huddled under umbrellas
For shelter and covered our exposed legs.
There was no shelter for the dogs.

We watched the dogs run through the storm
Legs kicking like a dream gone bad,
Sat underneath our umbrellas, and sang.