Mama needs a new bus.

As a long (long) time fan of Kristin Hersh I found the news of her recent tour troubles very sad, considering not only what it means for her and her family, but what it means for music in general.

What I mean is this, all great artists do their thing, whatever that thing is, from a place within their soul. If they are feeling it and they are talented and they know how to translate that into music or art or architecture, then we all benefit. If the artists who are true to their form, who create brand new and influential STUFF are forced to get a day job to make ends meet it leaves all of the rest of us in a bleak landscape of bogus pop art, pop tarts and pop music.

Please read this and consider tossing some money into the tip jar, because if Kristin Hersh was able to make it to your town she could trip your ass back to college with some math rock, sing your baby to sleep with Appalachian folk tunes, heal your heart with a few notes or peel your scull back with some balls out in your face punk action. You know if you saw that in the park you would toss some dollars in the guitar case. SO go ahead, the time is now.

free music and tip jar:

C'mon, I did it and it was so great I want everyone to have the same uplifted, fist pumpin' feeling of sticking it to the man.