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1 "Tip of the tongue" experience   e2node
2 artificial emotions (essay) Wntrmute writeup
3 Asperger's syndrome   e2node
4 Attention   e2node
5 Baader-Meinhof syndrome   e2node
6 basal ganglia   e2node
7 Blindsight (idea) Chris Hook writeup
8 brain   e2node
9 Brain hemisphere influence on aesthetic preference   e2node
10 brainstem   e2node
11 caudate nucleus   e2node
12 Cerebral Disinformation (idea) Lifix writeup
13 Changes in the Temporal Organization of Autobiographical Memories   e2node
14 Classification of Neurons   e2node
15 Cognition (idea) durendal writeup
16 cognitive theory of emotions   e2node
17 Conduction aphasia   e2node
18 Confabulation (idea) skybluefusion writeup
19 Consciousness   e2node
20 David Marr's computational model of vision   e2node
21 Depression and the brain (essay) bexxta writeup
22 direct vs. indirect perception   e2node
23 Dissociative identity disorder   e2node
24 emotion   e2node
25 Hearing   e2node
26 How your brain codes knowledge   e2node
27 inferior colliculus   e2node
28 LINE-1 retrotransposition in neurons   e2node
29 macrosomatagnosia   e2node
30 Mainstream Science on Intelligence   e2node
31 matrix learning   e2node
32 Memory (idea) RainDropUp writeup
33 Memory (idea) Chris Hook writeup
34 Mirror neuron (thing) artman2003 writeup
35 Motion perception is not for seeing movement (idea) Chris Hook writeup
36 Neuroscience and God   e2node
37 NMDA   e2node
38 Organization of the visual system (thing) Chris Hook writeup
39 PiHKAL   e2node
40 Prefrontal cortex   e2node
41 retina   e2node
42 semiotic short-circuit (idea) dogganos writeup
43 Some thoughts about the Language of Thought   e2node
44 stria terminalis   e2node
45 substantia nigra   e2node
46 Superior Olive   e2node
47 supra-nuclear palsy (thing) Chris Hook writeup
48 thalamus   e2node
49 unilateral neglect   e2node
50 visual cortex   e2node

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