Thalamus was a British computer game company, founded in 1986 by the publishing company Newsfield (Zzap! 64 and Crash magazines among others). The company started with Andrew Wright from Activision in charge and Gary Liddon, former Zzap! 64 writer, as Technical Executive. Many talented programmers like Martin Walker and Stavros Fasoulas created games for the company. Most of the games were written for the Commodore 64 but many of them also spawned conversions for Spectrum, Amiga and other popular computers of the time.

Thalamus releases:

Sanxion (1986)
Delta (1987)
Hunter's Moon (1987)
Quedex (1987)
Armalyte (1988)
Hawkeye (1988)
Retrograde (1989)
Summer Camp (1990)
Creatures (1991)
Creatures II (1992)
Winter Camp (1992)

Thal"a*mus (?), n.; pl. Thalami (#). [L. thalamus chamber, Gr. .]

1. Anat.

A mass of nervous matter on either side of the third ventricle of the brain; -- called also optic thalamus.

2. Bot. (a)

Same as Thallus.


The receptacle of a flower; a torus.


© Webster 1913.

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