The breeding ground for mayhem. The place where young children first experience home sickness, jellyfish, mob mentality, bad camp food, campfires, ghost stories, drinking scope to get drunk, song singing, snake bites, poison ivy, kidnapping someone else's cold (ie first kiss), making new friends that you will never see again and even learning to tie rope knots (fueling possible future bondage masters).

An excess of summer-camp movies exist, yet no film can evoke the feelings of isolation or the number of young bodies all sleeping in the some room like a pack of rowdy wolves that wake up when the lights out time arrives. Excitement and fear are mingled with that strange tasting bottled beverages your camp-counsellor has in his or her duffle bag.

I wish there was a summer camp for adults that was fun, corporate retreats don't quite cut the cake(theres no real frosted icing, it all tastes like rhubarb pie). I think older people, around 25-35, should have a summer-camp where they get to hang out with complete strangers and do silly stupid assed things just because. Sign me up! Life at this age is rough and troublesome.. the pressures of conforming are too strong and can crush the humans will to keep on keeping on. Then again it could be argued that all this happens on May Two Four Weekend

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