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Name: Henri Vilminko (who needs anonymity?)
Nick: omegas
Lives in: Helsinki, Finland

Want to find information about computers on E2? Visit Computer Gallery!

-Recent news-

Wed March 27, 2002
I haven't written a single writeup in two months. I've been having busy time both at work and at home, but maybe I'll manage to get some text done soon. By the way, I finally got my BSc (EE) degree from Helsinki Institute of Technology today!

Sat July 28, 2001
Petra and I got married at Kangasala church! The wedding reception was held at restaurant Pellava in Tampere. Thanks for best man Simppa and bridesmaid Sari for the arrangements and all the guests for a wonderful party!

Wed July 4, 2001
Inspired by the E2 meet I noded the popular Finnish alcoholic drink Salmiakki Koskenkorva.

Sun July 1, 2001
Attended to the First Finnish E2 Gathering! Here are some reports of the occasion.

Wed November 29, 2000
Last week I broke the 1000 XP barrier. Today I woke up to find I'm on level 4, having the Power of Cool and the blessing of Node Heaven. It has been almost exactly a year since I first entered the Everything community. Christmas holidays are coming. Lots of things to be happy about, aren't there?

Tue November 14, 2000
In the process of composing my Memotech writeup I stumbled to a nodeshell called "Computer Gallery" and got this idea of creating a directory of computer manufacturers and models on the E2. Now it's ready, have a peek!

Tue August 1, 2000
My summer holiday is over and it's time again for work. Noding is not the thing to do in summer so my output has been pretty minimal lately. But maybe I'll have more time to contribute in the cold, dark fall that is coming far too soon...

Fri May 5, 2000
Finally completed my Helloween writeup. Check it out, all power metal fans! (anyone out there except me and Simppa?)

Thu April 27, 2000
Due to the cooling of my Psygnosis node, I am now at level 3. Thanks, 65535!

Wed April 26, 2000
Decided to write a thorough writeup on wolves. This was partly because of the ongoing E2 animal quest, partly because they are very intriguing animals anyway.

Thu April 21, 2000
Noticed that E2 lacks a salmiakki or salted licorice node. What a shame! Added both of them instantly.

Wed April 20, 2000
Still having the flu.. Updated my Helloween history up to 1994. Still work in progress.. Also added useful information to my Koskenkorvan Viina writeup.