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Time: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 00:03:16 GMT
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I could theoretically write this in the previous days log considering it happened on July 31, 2000, but if you care to look back there, it appears a billion people already wrote daylogs and I want to be one of the first before the node becomes nothing but a huge vote dump. Actually, I could care less, but I just feel like having a fresher start, or something. Okay, enough with the excuses.

So we went to WALMART tonight, oh WALMART, greatest of establishments constructed solely for the consumer, the consumer looking for stupid crap you don't need, that is! Multitudes of random junk, little toys like singing key chains (don't dance around to these things, security will start following you, trust me). I couldn't believe the amazing amounts of stupid stuff there was! I guess I just hadn't been in a while, it was all quite overwhelming, all the little shoppers milling around carrying odds and ends of.. stuff. My friend bought a glitter lamp, which is of course useless but for the neat water'y effect it will make on the ceiling of our new place when we finally make it there some time next month. I was drawn to this ice cream scooper whilst we were there, it was a penguin and it was so infinitely dreamy but.. it was twelve dollars. I mean, twelve dollars! I couldn't convince myself I needed an ice cream scoop that badly, considering I don't even eat ice cream but once a month if that. I managed to spew something along the lines of, "This product is far too costly! I am on a limited budget of close to NOTHING here!" The only reason we went to Wal-Mart in the first place was to make use of the one hour photo service, but they were already backed up by 8 and so we were too late, and will have to send it away because we don't make it in to the city often enough to warrant waiting. All those mingling shoppers are at fault!

I miss you so incredibly much that if it weren't asleep my little heart would be aching right now. Fortunately, I'm almost too tired to think coherently, though I generally don't think in an organized fashion as it is. The only thing good about waking up in the morning and then going back to sleep are the crazy fun dreams you have when you're in that semi-awake state of greatness.

We stopped at Tim Horton's, the little donut shop on the way out of town and we purchased some donut'y product and some Iced Cappucino goodness. There was a friendly little fly visiting all of the donuts and I suggested my friend launch herself over the counter in a crazed rage and slam her fist down onto the fly while it was feasting on some honey dip. I also noted that it completely avoided the bran muffins, even though there were full rows of those things, because hey, let's face it, not that many people eat bran muffins and they really should just have one sitting somewhere in case some irregular individual wanders in, desperately seeking fibre.

So, me and my friend managed to go through a series of Bloodhoung Gang tunes (singing them from memory, poor memory at that), on the way home. My mother was quite entertained.. obscenity is funnee, you know?

I'm exhausted, and not feeling that well after Cappucino consumption so I think I'll wander off for now.

Note: Buy... product.. product is your friend... spend.. money.. I can help you over.. here.. we are inherently evil..er, good.. Jesus wants you to have that plastic pokemon character! That reminds me, I also took the time to write JESUS on an etch-a-sketch, it was obviously asking for it, sitting there with the dials all sticking out and the like.

It should also be noted that my ex decided to e-mail me tonight for whatever reason, like I should care that he exists, ignore all the lies. I have a feeling his new girlfriend hasn't told him about our little chats together.. figures, she's like that. Oh well.. I'm going to bed.
What will today hold?. The same as usual or a tantilizing surprise? Life even though it may not be fun is so interesting that it becomes very difficult to become bored. If you think about it even the most obscure thing can be broken into an infinite number of smaller aspects. Try thinking about them and you can occupy a good portion of a day. When someone says they're bored, they aren't bored, they lack the ambition to think. It's sad but true.

Today turned out to be totally fucked. All day my mind was thinking, planning, screaming. Meanwhile my body worked away at sanding a hardwood floor. As it stands right now as of 6:09 PM i'm completely sick of everyone.
So ... today I noded some, but people did not seem to like my nodes. One even got brutally downvoted, even if IMHO it was simply factual, and I stand by it: I still think that building your own toaster oven is kind of a stupid and dangerous idea, much like making your own explosives, but without the imaginable justifications.
Besides that, I just came back from a nice weekend in Queretaro, a town I definitely reccomend to visitors of Mexico. A beautiful, big, colonial city centre, with a lot of people - but not overcrowded. And nice, friendly people, all of them, including the taxi drivers (I know that New Yorkers will not believe me here, but it is true). Walked around a lot, ate birria, carnitas and barbacoa.

The first night was horrible. I came close to a relationship crash with my SO. The following day we made up, and now we are in a kind of happy, mellow spell - I certainly hope that it lasts.
Some swimming in the pool got us both slightly burned in strange spots, which is the effect of hastily applied SPF 20 sun cream. A lot of little tikes running around, but not obnoxious. They even lent us a ball for playing pool-volley (more like "goofy seal-like creatures volley" if you ask me).

At work, the Lesser Kahuna is away. The Big Kahuna is back, but I do not interact directly with him out of religious reverence, respect due to age, and a well defined fear that he will fire my ass if I presume. And how should I presume ?.
This means all decision taking is postponed to tomorrow.

The evil consultants that I mentiond on July 27,2000 have not sent word yet. It is clear that, to them, we are dogwash priority.

What else ? Miss Nice, the terribly nice new coworker has been nice again, all day long. Maybe she is on drugs, but certainly one welcomes her presence.
I am having my techies shuffled from one room to another, due to higher, weightier priorities. This sucks. The same dude keeps pestering me for the same raise, which I cannot grant him because I DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY for it !
I wish he understood, and either left or shut up. But no, he looks at me with big round eyes, and makes me feel guilty.

My car is broke down again....I was running an errand for my hubby and on the way the car just died. No power steering, no power brakes. I coasted downhill, finally turned into a small driveway running uphill to slow the car and used the emergency brake to stop. We have spent well over $350.00 in the past month trying to fix this car. So I prayed for an answer. I told my dad about the incident and he said he had two cars that did exactly the same thing. He said it was most likely a bad module in the distributer cap.

Hubby got home from work and I told him I'd laid hands on the car and prayed asking God what was wrong with the car and He answered that it was the module in the distributor cap.

Suuure, he says skeptically, Jim (our mechanic) is going to believe me when I tell him that God told my wife it's the module in the distributer cap.

Jim's a Christian he'll know what you mean!! I encourage.

Oh yea right Lo, Hubby says,
Just like he'll know what you mean when I tell him you say the noise coming out of the back of my car sounds like those dogs barking in that Christmas song. (Jingle Bells I think) You know he's going to just look at me a do that big sigh
(Hubby imitates Jim's big sigh)

~Later on he's phone with Jim wide eyed he hangs up the phone...Jim says that's precisely what the module in the distributor cap does when it goes out!

I'll make a believer out of him yet!

O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.
- Psalm 34:8 (KJV)


17:09 GMT +10:00 Sydney
You know its just been one of those days. Having been at work for 8 hours and 10 minutes or so, I have achieved absolutely squat. Zip. Diddley. Nadda. Zero. Nothing. And all becuase of one stupid program.

My current project is pretty unexciting - converting some old DOS code we've got into Windows because some PCs we have around here don't handle the DOS communications interrupts well at all. No problem I think. I've got the old source code, and everything is going well - until I arrive at loading .b52 files. Get all the code in, play with it a little, change some things around to fit into C++ classes. Everything appears to working fine - all the LRCs are coming back perfect, but the code refuses to switch on once its been loaded into the terminal. Try it with the old DOS code - works fine. But my new windows code just refuses to work. Thats about where I was yesterday.

So, today I come in and have been playing with every different setup and combination of code and settings and anything else I can think off. RTS on. RTS off. Different delays between packets. Toggle the RTS some more for good luck. Rip the RTS out and fling it across the room. I even spent a 1/2 hour examining the differences between an old DOS function delay(x) and what I was using, Sleep(x). Nothing as far I can tell. I've stripped every little bit of code back, shifted it around, recompiled the DOS program with all sorts of debug code, jiggled this and that - all to no avail. As far as I can tell the only difference between my code and the old DOS code now is the communcations library I use and some fuction names. But still it refuses to turn on!


OK - I'm feeling a little better now. I really feel like yelling that across the office and throwing the terminal after it, but I think typing it will just have to do for now.

I actually had a great weekend and I was going to write about yesterday or today, but this (warning - some language in this next sentence may offend)

god damn, stupid mother fucking, slut, bitch, ho, animal rooting, dick faced, poor excuse for code *&^@#$*&)(*@#*&^DS
has just put me in a bad mood all week, so I haven't.

OK, I feel better now, I've had a rant and got that off my chest. It just a little frustrating to work on something for 8+ hours and be no further ahead than when you started.

Well, today is the first day of dump the pump campaign. I noticed that the petrol stations I passed where quieter than normal, but not empty.

This morning I thought I'd never get out of my bed. It felt like someone had taken the time to fill my limbs with iron filings and place a large magnet under me bed. Well, I finally got up, but experienced exactly the same problem in the bath. It's some kind of miracle that I made it to work at all.

Just got back from more informational downloads with the cuz, the Vancouver BC girl cop. She's hilarious. She was relating the story about how she jokes with the folk she picks up, allegedly putting them at ease. "you've got a nice ass" she will say. Then slowly it dawns on them... Between her and her partner, evidently they get the perps so calm that they are wishing each other a good night as they are escorted into the slammer. She just got her belly button pierced, likes boys, and likes beer. She needs a date, and she'd protect your sorry ass, geek. (and she's blonde, from NZ, and cute!)

she also has a microbiology degree. My cousins are mostly eccentric. One of them is a Nun, another is a self professed "healing prophet", a couple of basic christians, a hippy, the rest are geeks, bless them.

11:27 EET

What, it's august already? That means the summer is slowly coming to an end.
*Ahem* Never mind me. I've just had my share of the lethally hot temperatures for the year 2000, and looking forward to seeing snow again.

A friend is asking me to produce some "piripolkka" (a Finnish slang term translating to "amphetamine polka"), since there supposedly is a huge demand for domestic material. You know what I'm talking about: the kind of simple and hard house/trance from labels like Tidy Trax, Nukleuz etc. The genre with roughly 75% of the tracks using the classic Alpha Juno preset "what the..." first made popular by Human Resource's Dominator hit, and vocal samples already used a million times since the late 80s.
Although stuff like this sometimes plays on my minidisc walkman, I'm not particularily interested in it. And with no passion or personal motivation it's hard to start producing it. Especially since originality seems to be a dirty word in the 'polkka circles.. Still, I'd hate to let my friend down, so I'm at least going to try.

Heh, it took this long for the tabloids to report Henry the Great being busted for drugs in a club here in Hämeenlinna. Since it's common knowledge (at least among people I know) that Henkka is a real vacuum cleaner when it comes to cocaine, the headlines weren't that shocking. But I guess an ex - porn star with cash flow problems could use all the publicity they could get?

On a side note: waking up at 8 sucks ass. That is all.

Today's Writeups:
  • Korg MiniKorg 700
  • Korg MiniKorg 700s
  • If hell would have a first name, it’d be Erica, like my aunt. She arrived last Friday yet I didn’t find the courage to mention her in a daylog till today, sweet Tuesday. I was intending to describe how she entered my life, what history I have with her, what kind of person she is and how I love her, yet fail to find the words to define her presence in my life now that I sit down and actually take the time to think things over. I may or may not be making sense now. I don’t know. Others write day logs to bring order to their lives, I only cause myself confusion. I feel like I must pass an important message to someone, but forgot what the message was and whom I had to deliver it to. Hmm, I’m definitely not making sense now.

    Again, again! My aunt Erica. Born in concentration camp Bergen-Belsen, her mother died of typhoid, my grandmother took care of her, together they were transported to Auschwitz. They both survived, moved into a small house in Holland, my grandmother had some relationships, gave birth to some children (under which my mother who moved to Spain when she was 14), somehow totally lost it and committed suicide when Erica was about 25. Erica fell in love with a catholic and moved to Argentina where she got married. I didn’t hear anything from her, until recently. Last Thursday she called me up to say she was going to take the next plane to Holland, and would be staying for three months. In my house.

    Now she’s here and I’m still trying to define how I feel about her. Aunt Erica. She’s like 1 m. 40 (which is tiny, almost midget-like), continuously talks to me in rapid Spanish and sometimes in Dutch, but no matter what language she speaks she just won’t shut up. Her voice is loud, she talks too fast and too nervously, I already had the first complaints from neighbors about the noise pollution. She’s obsessed with cleaning, always moving furniture. She walks half naked through my house and she makes pictures of me while I’m sleeping, eating or just reading a book. She calls my cats ‘li’l farts’ or ‘fuckies’. If this sounds absurd, that’s cause it is. Absurd, and a constant source of irritation.

    I loathe her, I love her. I don’t know. There’s no doubt she’s the same aunt I’d last seen when I was a kid, but somehow there is something totally wrong with her. She frightens me and makes me emotional. I used to wear this solid mask of sarcasm which I could only get rid of when I was all alone at home, but now I’m forced to either permanently remove the mask, or become a lunatic.

    Tonight while she was asleep, my boyfriend came over. In the middle of the night he hugged me and kissed me and whispered sweet nothings quiet enough for my aunt not to wake up. I don’t think I’d ever felt so safe before.
    When my aunt found us sleeping in each other’s arms this morning, she made some vulgar remark, snickered and moved the couch we sat on to ‘clean up the mess we’d made’.

    This is all wrong, I should not be typing this. I should be ranting about stupid coworkers and my drug selling kid neighbors. I may or may not have fucked this daylog up. I may or may not care.

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    10:00 BST

    Today is the first of the UK "Fuck the environment, I want to use my car" days. I hate cars. I would place money on these drivers not using a hybrid engine car if they had the chance. I hate the excuses that the car drivers make: "I have to commute 100 miles and there's no public transport" Ever heard of homeworking or teleworking? "I have to use a car to get the shopping" Ever heard of home delivery?

    Unfortunately, the last time I voiced these opinions with my colleagues, I was shot down in flames. People actually laughed when someone seriously said that they didn't give a shit about the future world. I think that I've given up hope for the world in 100 years' time. I suppose it's my own selfish mind; I don't want to try and answer a child's question when I'm old "Why did your generation destroy the planet, grandad?"

    Of course, these are emotive arguments - hardly rational or compelling. Therefore, I say to the UK (and other) car drivers - please take the time to work out how much money you would save on petrol if you used a hybrid engine. Just 5 minutes of your time. Perhaps these links would help you:

    • http://www.worknews.pwpl.com/content/astn/astn0600/a061600s1.htm
    • http://www.abcnews.go.com/sections/tech/DailyNews/epa_mileage991001.html
    • http://www.enn.com/enn-news-archive/2000/05/05142000/tourdesol_12986.asp
    • http://www.honda.co.uk/front.html

    Please don't downvote because you disagree with me, instead /msg me - or email me (email address on my homenode)

    the man comes home from vegas today!

    within this half-hour (9:30AM EST), according to the plane tickets. though i saw on cnn that there are delays reported out of atlanta, so he may be late.

    for now, i drink coffee.

    oh yah! it's PAYDAY!

    more later...

    later tuesday morning

    the man calls, the plane just landed (11:00am EST).

    i discovered this morning that my belly button incision has opened up again and is bleeding. i think i may use this as an excuse to leave work and spend time with the man (as well as visit the doc - heehee).

    the man is home! the man is home!

    well, off the plane but not here yet. on his way. la la la.

    Today was International Wear Your Shirt Inside Out Day. I got yelled at from people in cars, informing me of the fact that my shirt was the wrong way round. If your life is non-eventful, sometimes it's fun to make up your own events to observe.

    I'm still on vacation!

    So breakfast is watermelon (/me shudders a bit at the potential for stereotyping, but watermelon is Good for You), some damn fine coffee, and WKCR. The previous DJ, on his first-ever shift, finishes with some Count Basie circa late-1930s, which rocked like a motherfucker -- I'm now seeing how the Basie band was considered so cool back then (and how they were able, in the 50s, to briefly get some mileage out of the burgeoning rockmania of the day) -- and then a half-hour of Joe Williams songs, backed by a slightly-later version of the Basie band.

    I remember, as an insomniac little kid, watching Williams various times on the Tonight Show; Johnny, Doc Severinsen, and the band would be all excited about having Joe "sit in" with the band, and I'd be impatient for the sitting-in to be over with, because George Carlin or Bob Newhart would be the next guest, and that's what I'd be waiting for, not this old, white-haired gentleman with the corny baritone.

    But this morning, years later, it was different, hearing the original recordings of songs like "Every Day I Have the Blues", not corny at all, but a lively piece of both jazz and rock history.

    Next on KCR was Phil Schaap, the legendary jazz DJ and historian (and my onetime electronic mentor of all-that-is-jazz), who plays Charlie Parker music each morning, and, today, various live recordings of Bird from the 40s, done by überfan Dean Benedetti. Back, long ago, when Schaap was on WBGO, it was a joy to start the day with a strong cup of coffee, a nice joint, and the bop tracks o'wax he'd play; the radio reception wasn't all that great, but it was good enough -- the music was buzz-enhancing, regardless of static.

    I'm finishing a brief assignment this morning, a quite unusual one: distilling disparate text-file lists of strip clubs into a common format, for later inclusion in someone's database. It means, uh, stripping the remnants of HTML tags in some cases, stripping a ton of newline characters in other cases, and making note of missing info -- the absence of a phone number here, a city there. I sat in the CyberCafe in Soho last week, with the webmaster of the porn sites that use the aforementioned database, looking at some of the sites, feeling a bit squeamish there, wondering if any of the cafe patrons were glancing over at the GIFs and JPEGs of, uh, "busty beauties" and the like. But, then again, I would have felt squeamish even if the place were empty -- my interest is in the actual nuts and bolts of how the sites are done; the oft-raunchy pix just bring out (further) the prude in me.

    My source of entertainment during all this text-manipulating, aside from trying to craft regexes that can do the heavy lifting, is looking at the names of the clubs, places like Jiggles, Twin Peaks (or Twin Peeks in some cases), the Playlate Club (get it?), Knockers, and C.R. Fannie's, stand out from the mostly-generic strip-club names.

    I remember going into a couple of the North Carolina places on the list, during my brief stints as a cab driver, in search of customers who'd called for a ride home (mainly my job was dispatching, managing, and customer-service -- I rarely had to deal with clubs in person). As a musician, I'd played in one or two of the places on the list, either before they were strip clubs, or on non-strip nights. I'd never choose to set foot inside any of these places -- you'd have to pay me, which was the case, actually.

    Last night was the first night of the Republican Party convention. Party conventions are now elaborate, maddening infomercials, and I'm glad the broadcast television networks have cut back their coverage in recent election cycles -- they should go a step further and make the parties pay for the airtime. The last good convention may have been the Democratic Party convention of 1972, when unruly political fireworks could still occur and keep things going well into the night; by contrast, the GOP convention in Miami Beach that year was perhaps the first modern one -- all tightly scripted and happy-face, a made-for-TV coronation/infomercial. Feh.

    This year's fête is the first one I've experienced as a Republican. When I first registered to vote (in 1984), I was in North Carolina, and there was no escaping voting -- we needed to oust the twin scourges of Ronald Reagan and Jesse Helms, and my girlfriend's mother was in charge of registering new voters. To end the questions of "When are you gonna register?" (in a strange Bavarian/Carolina accent), I registered, but as a Democrat, but I vowed (to myself) that I'd register Republican, should I find myself back in the New York/New England area again. I passed up on my first chance, but now I've gone and done it, while I applied for my driver's license.

    But there isn't really anyone to vote for in "my" party. As a kid, there was Rocky, and NYC Mayor Lindsay, and several others, but those people either died or changed parties over the years. Or both. The one Republican I voted for in North Carolina (a Wake County official) switched to the Democrats as well, a couple of years ago, so while I've been true to my 1984 vow, there doesn't seem much point in doing so. Ralph Nader is the Green Party presidential candidate, and Al "Grandpa" Lewis is the senatorial candidate, a couple of folks I admire greatly, but the old "don't waste your vote (this is your conscience speaking)" adage rings through my head when I consider pulling the lever ("lever"? I guess they don't have those any more) for them. No amount of cheerleading by the great and good (though sometimes wrong, if not wrongheaded) Marvin Olasky can convince me that W isn't talking out of both sides of his mouth (with his fingers crossed behind his back) when he utters anything in "compassionate conservative" mode. And if you have to go such lengths to affix the adjective "compassionate" to your spiel, maybe something's wrong with your spiel to begin with.

    What's the Compassionate Conservative Death Count up to now?

    Slept in until noon today. It was kinda nice to wake up and have lunch rightaway. After lunch, I finished up what was left of a small tub of chocolate ice-cream, and realized that there was only one filter for the coffee-maker left.

    I returned a big pile of beer bottles to the grocery store on the way to work and used the refund to buy more coffee filters, toothpaste and some juice concentrate.

    At work, a co-worker offered me a cigarello so we smoked them in the smoking room. It was nice.

    Logged in to E2 today to realize that I was the victim of a bit more systematic downvoting. I feel better about this realising that after each on my nodes has been downvoted, the perpetrator will only be able to downvote my new nodes and probably get bored with me. No more everything user tears for me.

    Node Maintenance: meteorite

    I vote for Everything Editor Logs!


    It's August.

    In another month I'll be back in school. Vacation (read Work Term) is almost over, and I don't think I like that. Back to the seemingly endless stream of classes and late study nights, and trillions of other things to do on the side. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be better to just stayed here in Ottawa, instead of going back home to Vancouver.

    But I guess most of my friends are leaving too, their work terms are finished as well. It's not that I hate school, or Vancouver, in fact I love them both. It's that I've just started enjoying this whole money and freedom thing. It's intoxicating really, being able to spend late nights carousing about town with friends, only having to worry about work 9-5.

    I hate slipping into finishing mode. You know what I mean, that state of mind, where you are preparing to leave a place, so you are trying to tie up all the loose ends before you leave, and feel unwilling to start anything new.

    Don't want to start that new workout program yet, I should wait until I get back home.

    Don't want to make any new friends I won't have time to really get to know them.

    Don't want to pursue any relationships, won't have time to make it last.

    I just wish that I didn't know that the end of summer was coming, and that it could just sneak up on me, so that I could skip this whole finishing mindset.


    It's August.

    Feeling more and more like I'm on a treadmill. It's not a bad treadmill, thank goodness, but I find that the long commute, plus loads of people in my cubicle much of the day, and having to care for my daughter and SO, that when I look forward to the weekend or have a little free time, I just go blank. I don't have any plans or projects outside of the things I have to do, just keep vaguely wishing for vacation or just that everything could STOP for a day.

    I just decided: I'm going to plan a day off, or at least half a day off. Get stuff done and relax.

    It looks like I may actually be able to afford a new computer this summer! I'm planning to build an 800 MHz Athlon system (motherboard based on the kx133 chipset) with a bigass hard drive,a soundblaster live! (yay for digital output!), and as much memory as I can afford. I'll just cannibalize the ethernet and VooDoo2 cards out of the old box for now. I need ideas for it's name. (and I will not stoop to naming my box after an M-noder, no matter how much XP you try to bribe me with)

    Dizzy: I'd drive a hybrid car, if I could afford any sort of new car at all...
    My PIII 667 got here today... So I will have a beastly computer with which to node very soon!

    Coded a few stupid things:

      email based survey: Send HTML form with action as web page... Netscape won't post when submitting from an Outlook preview pane. Debugging shit like that is so fucking hard!

      More spam. I am a spammer

      Writing a web-based auto-spamming engine so the lusers can do it without my help.

    Most of the buiding is speaking at the RNC, so it will be a slow week...

    My wife is having you time of the month, so I am out of luck at home.

    I love you all.

    I am currently stressing over the simplest of things... cooking dinner.

    See, I lost a bet to her sister, and now it is my responsibility to cook them dinner.

    Hrrmph. It's the sister, I have to do something impressive! Or at least that's how it feels.


    I got mad cooled today for a flippant node I wrote right before lunch break. Aaaw, how touching. E2 Loves Me.

    I'm beginning to feel slightly dirty for getting voted up so much for my day logs; either what I'm saying is very profound and interesting and really contributes something valuable to Everything, or people just habitually upvote. Although, I think that I've become a "victim" of systematic upvoting... woohoo! E2 Loves Me!

    And now I feel very shallow for even paying enough attention to voting and XP to devote the last two paragraphs to it.

    Last night had the frustrating experience of playing billiards. A smoky pool hall filled with bored high schoolers does nothing for me; adding to the fact that I am consistently bad at the sport caused me much pain.


    Yesterday was a day of recovery. Recovery from an impressive four alarm bash on Saturday, recovery from an impressive four alarm hangover still lingering and fighting me, recovery for a house too messy to believe and recovery from a good friend's death. That's a full day, so I told the temp agency to go to hell and spent six hours cleaning, laundering and grocery shopping. Alright. Maybe that's a little bit of fiction... maybe I spent an hour or two playing video games in there somewhere. Maybe. There aren't any witnesses though, so piss off.

    Very redeeming, in it's own sort of way.

    Of course, that makes today all that much harder to go in for. There's this growing progression of lateness that seems to be getting worse everyday... Today I didn't really mind being 15 minutes late, tomorrow it will probably be 20.

    At some point I'm going to end up here for an hour or so a day.

    I wonder if they'll notice. It seems unlikely to me.

    Yesterday: After ~15 hr of sleep, I wake at 5AM, brew some coffee, daylog, feeling like unto a GOD. 8 hr of work wears the edge off that considerably. In my new department-birthday-party-coordinator role, I order a couple of pizzae and hit up my department coworkers for $1 a slice. (Actually, that doesn't really cover the cost of pizza alone, much less tax, delivery, and tip, but I don't much care.) Another shot at finalizing pension rollover to 401(k) - I hereby attest, under penalty of perjury, that I'm sick of red tape. I spend the evening writing.
    Today: It 's a strain to avoid detailing my workday. I'd hate to look back on my journals, a decade from now, and discover I found nothing outside the factory noteworthy. I propose a new job title, since my boss seems to have forgotten: "Quality Assurance Analyst". Obviously a step up from clerk, but not a supervisor. He likes it. I suspected he would: it sounds good and means nothing. Laundry: blacks and cool colors. I leave a few used issues of Scientific American to complement the laundromat's selection of Woman's Day, The Watchtower, and Entertainment Weekly.
    It's good to finally be awake. Not that I haven't had lots of fun the last couple of days, but I was exhausted. I spent most of Monday evening after work sleeping. Sunday was 16 hours of Everything as it was the fun filled Florida Everything Get-Together II in Ft. Myers. I will node about that soon. What I did with juliet's feather boa alone should get me mad xp. (I bet you're curious now, eh?) Monday was the early shift, another exhausting freshman orientation on five hours of sleep. But my University Experience class filled up yesterday. Yay! My paycheck is secure.

    In my trunk is a Sony 300 disc CD changer I bought on the way to work. I can't exactly afford it right now, but hey, I deserve it. Okay, I really don’t deserve it, but what the hell. Service Merchandise is phasing out a lot of its departments so lots of stuff is on sale. I picked up the CD player for only $200.

    I don't know what's going on with Maxed. Adnan is posting articles on a seemingly random basis. He just posted Kevin's Monday column today, and he has yet to post my news article about Amnesty International I wrote last week when the news was breaking. Now the news is a week old. So last night, I blew off my regular Tuesday column, because if Adnan was more interested in making T-shirts for his fraternity than updating the site, then I'm not going to lose sleep over an article he might not bother to post anyway.

    Is this the first crack in the wing, so to speak, before the airplane crashes in flames? Or is it simply a sign of a bumpy road we have to endure before the content management software is up and running? Maybe I shouldn't be investing so much mental energy in this venture, but I can not help but get excited over a soapbox of this potential magnitude. Sure, I could go back to the Oracle and write for them, but then my articles would get badly edited by an idiot sophomore mass communications major, and if I feel like writing a three page article on the ancient Greek poet Archilochus, it won't get rejected because it's not "timely". I have total editorial control and a potential audience of thousands. How could I possibly pass up this opportunity?
    Made my first day log ever.

    Had two nasty system crashes, one involving an endless loop in fifo and the other one an i/o crash. Quite unfortunate.

    Reinstalled image magick after the first crash killed my screenshot script.

    Had a 5 minute spinyNorm sighting on #everything. Very exciting.

    Avoided a body image/eating disorder argument with ophie. Have had two of the same in the past two days. Not my favorite passtime.

    Learned that masukomi has a nice ass, except that according to her, it's too small.

    Acquired a new user on my website (www.voidptr.net). He seems to be from the netherlands and really enjoys playing with my toys. He must have changed my background at least 10 times and flicked my lights on and off at least 20 times. I'm glad I can amuse people.

    Day four of Stacker2. Only took one pill today. experienced some mild heart palpitation type of things. Lost one pound so far, I think. If I don't lose more by the end of the week, I'm going to stop taking it because if it doesn't work, there's no point.

    today's nodes:
    Eleventh Commandment
    Seize the nuts

    whelp, had a normal day, I got to talk to the lady i'm courting right now (hehe, got her phone number :D ), i got a little work done, I got a lot of browsing the internet done, and I made it through my Calculus class. Unfortunately, my final is Friday :( That's gonna hurt. I gotta go get some jitters out. i hate having to bike uphill on the way back no matter which way i go. I miss the suburbs that way. oh well. peace in the midwest.

    I've been so stable lately it's beginning to scare me.

    A friend of mine from high school flew into town today, he's been gone for 2 years in the U.S. Army. We actually "dated" in high school, but it was one of those silly relationships where you don't even hold hands. Later, though, just before he left for the Army, actually, we started really dating for a while and did the whole sex thing. Which was weird in itself because I've known him so long as simply friends. I broke it off mainly because I had done it for the wrong reasons and he left.

    So I saw him tonight and he's really changed. I remember when I first knew him we'd talk on the phone for hours on end about everything or nothing and there were so many depths to him I found amazing. Things went sour, because of me as usual, and he changed on me. I never saw those depths of him again. He covered it with goofiness, being the clown. Sometimes I wondered if it was even there.

    I found out it was tonight. It shocked me. He wasn't so goofy - a total contrast I was shocked to silence. We talked as we once did long ago in a world very unlike the one now. He told me I was his first love and still his only love, and that it hurt him because I never loved him back. And he's right. I never did. It's just weird, you know, that I never knew.
    "Was the punchline something to do with a dog's ass?"

    That has got to be one of the oddest things I've ever asked my brother. But, hey, I did. It was one weird British show on phobias late this night, where a small boy was conquering his fear of dogs. The last step we saw was him going over to touch a dog (Something he never did before). The first thing the kid does is pet the dog's ass. Quite a few MST3K-like gags for the rest of the show had a punchline involving touching a dog's ass.

    Boy, am I glad we're out of hot dog chili at Meijer. I swear, about twenty people TODAY asked me if we had any of the stuff that's on sale. Thankfully, I answered no... added to the number of people who asked me YESTERDAY, it makes me wonder how badly the city would stink if we actually HAD enough chili for all these bean-eating geriatrics...

    CaptainSpam's newest nodes today: Submissions for the "I'd Rather Be Noding" Bumper Sticker, What the hell is a Spammer?

    Today's Agenda:
    Let's see, this morning I had watch for 4 hours from 3:30 to 7:30 am, worked out, did paperwork, took a nooner, went to General Quarters for two hours (Battle Stations kind of Crap- I keep track of all the damage on the ship and help get it fixed). Relax...Then, dinner time, a meeting, and watch again from 7:30pm to 11:30pm. After watch I read e2 and then try and fix broken PDT's.

    I inherited a bastardized Windows NT Network that tracks sensor data in real time for all four main machinery rooms and the two Auxilliary spaces. It is a serious, one hundred percent pain in the ass. Lots of equipment doesn't actually have sensors--instead, people have to run around with little handheld computers and enter data, which is then downloaded into the program and well, stored, I guess. It's a log keeping, trend analysis thing.

    Guess what the PDT's run on...MS-DOS!! Ain't that great?

    Answer: Hell no. They are unreliable as hell, because on top of operating in temperatures regularly above 100 degrees,and being dropped and kicked and dunked in water, they also run a bastardized versionof DOS!! Although, at least I know a little about DOS.

    One good thing...
    I finally almost finished a class for my MBA-- and the prof says I'll be receiving an A. WOOHOO! Only three more incompletes to clear!! OH DEAR!! /me weeps.
    *seriously doubting that anyone will scroll all the hell way down here to read my little day log*

    Weird mix of good day and fucking bad day today. Started ok. I actually got enough sleep last night (shuddup - five hours is enough sleep), got to work on time, with a stop to get tea and a bagel.

    Got a lot done at work today, had a highly successful meeting with a beyond difficult client, and got a raise.

    Then, I got in yet another damn car accident. I say "yet another" because my LAST car was totaled less than three months ago. Both not my fault, both a fair amount of damage. Then, I rush to a meeting that I get to in the nick of time to find out has been ... canceled. "We left a message for you." Uh huh.

    THEN, (oh, the day is not over) I call my mom regarding a message left cryptically on my machine by my mom.

    Fucking student loans didn't go through. Somehow, my parents can't co-sign.

    Lovely. Now what do I do?

    Hell, I dunno. Deal with it, I guess.

    August 2, 2000 | Zulu One's Essex-cellent Adventure

    Today I started my holiday in Chelmsford, UK. Today's adventure was merely the long drive from Liverpool to the base of operations in Chelmsford. Tomorrow, I start the holiday proper. The view out of the back window is quite nice though; I will be posting pictures on the internet soon, and will place the URL here as soon as they're up.

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