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Someone who worships the Moon, There aren't very many Lunatics anymore but there are still many people who use the Moon as part of their religion and religious rituals. For instance Wiccans use the Moon to sanctify Holy Water and to dispel their own spells and rituals effects.

Lu"na*tic (?), a. [F. lunatique, L. lunaticus, fr. luna the moon. See Lunar.]


Affected by lunacy; insane; mad.

Lord, have mercy on my son; for he is lunatic. Wyclif (Matt. xvii. 15).


Of or pertaining to, or suitable for, an insane person; evincing lunacy; as, lunatic gibberish; a lunatic asylum.


© Webster 1913.

Lu"na*tic, n.

A person affected by lunacy; an insane person, esp. one who has lucid intervals; a madman; a person of unsound mind.

The lunatic, the lover, and the poet, Are of imagination all compact. Shak.


© Webster 1913.

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