A short and painless rap on the head with some long, soft object (no not that you pervs) and also a generic scat / James Brown sound effect of which I make great use, let me assure you.

See also "bop zow".

A style of jazz that evolved during the end of WWII. It rejected the growing conformity of swing or big band music in exchange for more improv melodies. Fast beat and intricate riffs were common. Unfortunately this made playing very hard.
Eventually went to hard bop. See:bebop.

At Oxford and Cambridge Universities, a bop is a party held within a College. The venue is a room in the College, usually the bar. Imagine a school disco fuelled by large amounts of alcohol. Bops are generally held every two weeks, on a Friday or Saturday night. Each of these parties has a different theme (eg. Queer Bop, Ghetto Fabulous Bop, Bin Bag Bop). Members of the host College gain free entry, while guests are often charged for the experience.

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