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Updated this little page, don't think I'll be back long.... I don't do messages btw, since I had 750 waiting when I got back, so if you msg'd me and I missed it.... sorry. user since Tue Aug 31 1999 at 15:14:59 (3.9 years ago) last seen Tue Mar 26 2002 at 19:35:51 (1.3 years ago) ... after all I stayed away for a very long time. But maybe E2 has lost its cliquish nature and gotten fun again.

College student at Umass-Dartmouth. Majors in Computer science. Interns summers and some weekends at Fidelity, in downtown Boston.
See me on Everything's Best Users(a couple years ago).
Also, created. The 60,000th node and the 6th M-Noder...although I've now lost so many that I'm not anymore.
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