The E2 Annex will be taken offline in Spring of 2015.

Following in the footsteps of some other external E2-related sites such as ascorbic's E2 Chatterbox Archive, the E2 Forum, and various offsite Node Trackers, I would like to present my contribution - dubbed the E2 Annex.

Where is it?

You can find the E2 Annex at

What is it?

The site offers several major features including:

  • Famous Noders
    Here you will find the professional achievements of our little community. Being a site for writers, it is no wonder that we have several published authors in the group, but we also have singers and musicians, playwrights, screenwriters, and more. Find out what your fellow noders are up to outside this site - you will be surprised - I know I was.

  • Noder Sites
    View the personal and professional home pages, social network pages, and blogs of your fellow noders.

  • E2 Statistics
    This is actually what started the site. Over the years, I have heard over and over in the catbox about noders who would like to know "What writeup has the highest reputation?", "What writeup has the most C!s", "Who is the oldest user?", or "Which user has the highest merit?" Well, with the help of my newest client (and several of you), I have gathered these statistics (and many more - see below) and compiled them to answer some of these questions.

    Contributors: Appollyon, archiewood, DogDaze, fidomaster, golFUR, graceness, in10se, mad girls love song, RPGeek, vandewal - Thank you!

  • E2 Explorer
    This site also hosts my E2 client. See the E2 Explorer node for details.

  • E2 Globe
    Add yourself to an interactive world map, or see where your fellow noders live.

  • Other Stuff
    There are several other features on the site such as links to E2 Resources, member pages, etc. I also have a few more ideas to expand the site. If you have any ideas for something you'd be interested in an E2-related site, please feel free to contact me.

Noder Comments

  • bol says You are a legend, and I look forward to seeing your statue in the E2 Pantheon, if they ever build it.
  • Halspal says You did an amazing job with the Annex. I can see that thing evolving and only becoming more interesting as time goes by.
  • katherine says Wow. Snazzy auth system on the annex, sir.
  • Walter says Wow dude that is some seriously impressive work there. If we'd only had something like that back in the day... And yes, we are SO famous. HAHAHAHAH
  • Augustine says re E2 Annex: This is cool as hell.
  • etouffee says the annex is very cool thanks for setting it up
  • Chras4 says re E2 Annex: Very cool idea. I like it.
  • Junkill says Thanks for the info about E2globe and Annex. That annex is the coolest thing ever...I love stuff like that. Thanks again!

The Details: E2 Statistics

It should be noted that information in the E2 Statistics section may not be complete or fully up to date. This is because the information is fueled by user contribution, and I can only display information that was sent to me based on the time it was sent.

If you would like to help contribute, please give my E2 Explorer client a try. Contribution is completely voluntary and is off by default (i.e., opt-in), so you will need to turn it on within the settings.

Below is a complete list of the types of statistics you can find on the site:

General Stats

  • Node Type totals and percentages
  • Longest/Shortest Node Titles
  • Oldest/Newest Nodes

User Stats

  • Users with Highest/Lowest XP
  • Users with Most/Least Writeups
  • Users with Highest/Lowest Total Reputation
  • Users with Highest/Lowest Average Reputation
  • Users with Most/Least Upvotes
  • Users with Highest/Lowest Average Upvotes
  • Users with Most/Least Downvotes
  • Users with Highest Average Downvotes
  • Users with Most/Least Total Votes
  • Users with Highest/Lowest Average Total Votes
  • Users with Most/Least Cools
  • Users with Highest/Lowest Average Cools
  • Users with Highest/Lowest Merit
  • Users with Highest/Lowest Devotion
  • Users with Highest/Lowest Addiction
  • Users with Highest/Lowest Node-Fu
  • Users with Highest/Lowest Writeup Node-Fu
  • Oldest/Newest Users
  • User Totals by Level
  • User Activity by Year
  • Users with Longest/Shortest Homenode

E2Node (Nodeshell) Stats

  • e2node with Most Writeups
  • Nodeshell Totals
  • e2node with Highest/Lowest Total Reputation

Writeup Stats

  • Writeups with Highest/Lowest Reputation
  • Writeups with Most/Least Upvotes
  • Writeups with Most/Least Downvotes
  • Writeups with Most/Least Total Votes
  • Most/Least "Controversial" Writeups
  • Writeups with Most/Least Cools
  • Non-C!ed Writeups with Highest Reputation
  • C!ed Writeups with Lowest Reputation
  • Longest/Shortest Writeups
  • Writeup Type Totals and Percentages

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