Need more reason to dictate a trip to Columbus..? Make it there for my birthday party at Chuckie Cheese's... Or maybe I'll just crack open a bottle of Middleton very rare ($123.00 bottle of whiskey) for all to share. Not enough? come to celebrate the anniversary of the first English language newspaper in the People's Republic of China, China Daily, beginning publication. Hey, you wouldn't want to miss our Kentucky-becomes-the-fifteenth-state-to-be-admitted-in-the-Union party. Not a big Kentucky fan? Me neither, so come celebrate 77 years of Native American Citizenship. Poke Tandex with a stick, Watch Ccunning get so drunk he can't stand up, observe how zot-fot-piq does his own dishes, just make it out.

If'n you decide to join us, a jacket and/or umbrella would probably be a good idea... Nothin' but rain here lately, and it will likely continue.

One Jurph--the only Jurph--slices quickly through the dusk, well under the radar, the sunroof gaping, the rumbling thunder of John Bonham combined with the funky groove of the Doppler effect putting the cows he passes in an uneasy, anxious mood.

The Honda Accord is stealthy; it has Delaware plates, but it streaks in from the west--from Fairborn, OH--and carries a frisbee-brand flying disc. There are pretzels, there is a duffel bag of contingency clothing, there is a sleeping bag. There is a fine mist on the inside of the windshield from too much vocal percussion. I'll join in the jam if there's room.

Need a ride? /msg me if you're part of my flight profile, or reasonably situated on I-70 between Dayton, OH and Columbus, OH. I'm only too happy to subject you to my music, and to my vocal percussion.

addendum: other miscellanea, some of which may also be in the car:

First of all, I’m a scardy cat. That’s right! Becca. Ms. Scaredy cat.

Yes, yes. After much persuasion from my Wonkiepooh, I have decided to attend the E2 Ohio Gathering.

Now, why was this a great feat of persuasion, you ask? There are two main reasons.

  1. I do not consider myself an “Internet Person.” Now, I understand that if I am a good person and am “on the Internet” than it is very theseable that there are other good people out there too. Still, I worry about the one out of ten who isn’t, not the other nine who are.
  2. *WonkoDSane and Ccunning have both assured me that I have nothing to worry about (unless they are planning on killing me together – then I’m screwed).

  3. I have an even more definite fear of JessicaPierce. Any person who can be worshiped at such a high level is scary to me. Fortunately, she knows this and has been rather nice to me ever since. This in turn, makes me want to like her – hence making me part of the problem of why I am scared. See the circular effect here, folks?

My offerings (-- Well, how do you make friends?):

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies (They're female -- no nuts)
  • A surprise
  • I have a wide assortment of alcohol I’d like to get rid of (all good stuff – no generic):
    1. Tequila – never mind. I just read that no one likes Cuervo 1800
    2. Vodka
    3. Rum
    4. Triple Sec
    5. Absolut Citron
    6. Kahlua
    7. Irish Cream

    *Should I bring any or all of it? Let me know. My family goes to the Caribbean every year and brings me back bottles. I would love to get rid of some of it.

(Anyone need a ride from western NY, western PA or eastern OH??? I'll be driving "the tank" down.)

Update: Server time: 14:38 Tue May 22, 2001

I am also bringing:

  • My Three Mile Limit CD for Xamot so he can hear the song Let me play the fool
  • My Red Light District CD

Also, I will be at level two before the gathering. (Final exams are over -- I have NO excuse)

Ok. It's decided.

After much going over the bank account and budget and much crying after finding every time that I just didn't have the money for the plane fare, I've decided I'm just going to have to borrow the money.

There's no way around it, it just has to be done.

First off, I love gatherings. I've missed more than I've made and every time I miss one I hear tales of what went on and end up regretting not going. No more. I've been a responsible adult for about half my life now, and it's about damn time I reaped some of the rewards!

I went to Texas last year and Vancouver earlier this, and I've never been to Ohio, so this will be something new. I love to travel, I love to meet people, and I love to talk (if you think I'm a hassle in the Chatterbox, wait til you see me go in person! you have permission to tell me to shut up, 'cause I seem to be defective on knowing when to stop talking. just tell me, I'm hard to offend and I'm a little dense sometimes).

Since I'm going to be borrowing the money, I'm not asking for too much beyond the airfare, so I'll need help with lodging, transportation and food. I'll be cutting down on my normal spending (but with a Strategicon event the week before and the Valhalla faire the week after, I don't know what I'll have, but I'll try to be as self-sufficient as possible. Donations will be gratefully accepted. Hugs will be given out to them what wants 'em. I will also have gifts from California! (I'm poor so don't hurt me if you're disappointed, 'cause I almost wasn't gonna bring anything other than me and my stuff)

See you all there!


What I am bringing on the plane (aside from me and my schtuff) As noted (below), I am taking requests.
Update: Server time: 16:29 Wed May 9 2001

I have spoken with the comptroller, and she has ok'd the initial request. Now it's up to her to speak with the big boss and get the ok from him. I can't figure any reason why he would veto it, so I'm in like Flynn!

Hey, if anybody wants something small and cheap brought in from California, let me know and I'll see what I can work up. My suitcase is huge and I pack light.
Further Update: Server time: 23:18 Thu May 10 2001

I have reached the point of no return. The boss ok'd the loan, like I knew he would, so it was merely a matter of purchasing the tickets. The comptroller let me use her credit card ('cause she wanted the usage, of course), which allowed me to purchase the tickets online. I fly in on American Airlines and will be arriving Saturday morning at about 9:40 on flight 4407. If I don't go, I have to pay a penalty of $100, and I'm of the opinion that $250 spent and fun had is much better than $100 spent for nothing.

Final Update: Server time: 21:06 Fri Jun 1, 2001

Ok, turns out I won't have the gifts that I wanted to bring due to poor planning on my part (almost a given) and my car not running (sob), but I ~will~ have gifts for all.

Also, I've decided to add stuff to what I'm gonna be bringing.

I guess I'm coming too. The 'Acura of Doom' will be leaving Holland, MI around 10:30 to 11am on FRIDAY morning, and then rendezvouzing with Katyana and Dizzy in Ann Arbor around 1 or 2. And from there, we set out for the Great Grand Hot Damn in the Sky!... well, Columbus anyway. We should be arriving at the grand digs around 5 or 6.
/me will be bringing:

The Great Northern Convoy is now in business! I have room in my car for 3, or possibly 4 people. If you live in the Holland, MI area, or in Grand Rapids, or anywhere reasonably close to I-196, and I-96 between Holland and Ann Arbor, THIS MEANS YOU! /msg Void_Ptr for a spot. Did I mention my car has leather seats?
Home and happy now. Sad too. was much fun. Go look at the memoirs.
Add me on
The Ann Arbor Contingent has officially accepted invitation to this gala event. All the request forms have been processed, stamped, and returned, fuel rations allocated, and a vehicle requisitioned. Unfortunately our concealed weapons permits were revoked, but we will be packing heavy Nerf ammunition.
Our people are working with the home office in Holland, MI to arrange a rendevous with Void_ptr and company to form what will from this point on be known as The Great Northern Convoy. Contact me with requests for transportation assistance. we will make room for you.

This document is a WIP and is in no way intended as a binding agreement by its creator.
...cause you know I can't be trusted

How can I say no? HOW CAN I SAY NO?? I will be there. I will consume the fire of our enemies with my god powers and snuff out the light of the just with my entaloned foot. I will be charming. I will not say certain things. I will try to take up as little space as possible. I will hold the air in my lungs for the entire time I am there.

I will not cry. I will not participate in witticisms. I will not erupt into sparks. I will not drive anyone to the bus stop.

I will bring slender-fingered ladies with light blue slippers. I will bring potato salad in a burlap sack. I will bring forty box springs and 200 cans of WD-40. I will bring three chain letters and thirty chickens.

I will be there

I’m coming.

I just bought my non-refundable tickets, so I'm committed. Or I should be committed. So there better be somebody there holding a little sign reading ‘Gamaliel’ in the airport.

Delta 2328 arriving 1:15 pm Friday
Delta 2291 departing 7:10 pm Sunday

I’ve overcome the inherent geekiness of flying cross country from Florida for a party, because I’ll be working all summer and I need some getaway time. All the chatterbox harassment has convinced me. It’s time for some irresponsible fun.

Some disclaimers:

  • I’m not as cool or impressive in real life as I am on e2. *snicker*
  • I’m an obnoxiously friendly drunk who can’t hold his liquor like his not so illustrious Irish ancestors.
  • Hell, maybe I’m just obnoxious.
  • I really hate people who don’t know how to use an apostrophe.
  • Hell, I’m just a dick.

    What I will bring:
  • Wit and personality.
  • A sleeping bag, if necessary.
  • My appetite.

    What I won’t bring:
  • Wit and personality.
  • My gun.
  • Liquor across state lines.
  • Sea shells or pecan logs.
  • And don’t ask me for any fucking chad.

    My demands:
  • Beer.
  • Beer.
  • Beer.
  • Beer.
  • June 1st, my last day as an employee for my bank and sadly, my last day on e2 for at least 2 mnths. 8:45 right after my office party, Im boarding the Greyhound for the 10 hour trip from Toronto. I have yet to look at a map and my geography is bad. I have no idea where Ohio is, except that it is in America, Oberlin College is there, cleveland and columbus are there and that it is eastish (i thought, it turns out to be westish). All I know is there is a bus at 845 and that if I never go and meet all the people who ive seen/read/enjoyed for the last year that that would be a shame. I will need somewhere to sleep. Im very excited and have promised myself not to tackle any of the people who run this site with the millions of questions I have.

    please /msg me if you are coming from/by toronto or if your an american who might be able to help me with some little edible smurf houses and/or good camping advice for Ohio.


    do to a pretty dismal outlook on the ohio camping front I am now 80% going to be driving into columbus from Upstate Newyork. If this helps someone let me know. ¤Á¤Ñ ¤Ä¤¡ What is with the love affair with the plot of grass among motorhomes style camping?

    I would like to attend this. Due to a lack of funds, though, I will have to drive, and would be quite interested in car pooling. I'm in Delaware, so if you're from the DE/PA/MD/NY area and would like to meet up and drive over, I'm fine for that, or failing that, I can probably meet up with somebody driving through VA, since I can drop my car off at my parent's house down there. Please contact me regarding this.

    So put me down as a maybe. Thanks...

    May 22 update: It looks like I'll be hooking up with Brassmule and coming on down Saturday.

    What I can bring:

    • The complete set of Nuclear War cards, just in case anybody wants to play.
    • The Castle of Cagliostro on DVD
    • A terrible, world scouring need for chocolate. It follows me everywhere.

    May 24 Update:

    1. zot: I can't figure out how to send you /msg's in such a way that they will actually go through. How should it be written, oh great one?
    2. You mention a web page that things will be at. Is it not yet listed because it is only for mapping purposes, or...

      May 29 Update:

      Thinking fairly strongly of trying to get a motel room at the local crosscountry inn (thanks to ccunning for the info), not only to spare floor space for somebody else, but because it'll probably be easier to park there and carpool than to overload the street (which, it has already been mentioned, it will be very hard to find parking on). I volunteer ahead of time to be a designated driver, btw, though since I don't know my way around, this may not be the wisest of ideas.

    I would certainly like to attend. Hopefully someone can pick me up at the Greyhound station at around 8:30PM EDT on Friday (/msg me). If not, I will be having my own mini-party in the Greyhound station, until the cops pick me up. Also, unless someone can bring me *back* to the station on Sunday, I will have to live in the streets of Columbus until I can afford another ticket and find the station my own damn self.

    What I can bring:

    Hopefully some food other than meat will be available.

    Well, I just spoke with impishlaugh at cafe coco and I shall be there. I know I haven't made much of an appearance on E2, nor have I done any writeups that have lasted, but I've made my plans and am on my way.

    My car (aka - the little red bitch)
    the midget in the trunk,
    probally some liqour,
    an open mind,
    an open heart,
    and whatever else I can fit into my car.

    Leaving Nashville sometime friday morning, the ETA depends on how much we have to stop for various and sundry things like food, gas, or bathroom breaks.
    I will also be open to mentoring while there if anyone would like the task :)

    Nevermind my little red bitch, it looks Like I'll be getting there in Lola instead. :)
    Okay, I have been drawn into the clutches of the Wonkoalition. I will be there with my ears on. *grin*.

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