Look at this word, just LOOK at it.


Now, if you didn't know what it meant, and you had to guess, what would you say it meant?

To dry in the sun, am I right?


It means "various" or "assorted". Now, I'm all for expanding your vocabulary and whatnot, but... What is this word for? It's useless! The only purpose it serves is to make certain people look smarter than they really are. "Oh, look at me, I'm using a word that doesn't mean what you think it means, oooo, I'm better than you."


My philosophy is, "Nobody is any better than other people; unless they're me." And when you use the word "sundry" to look cool, guess what you're doing? YOU'RE TRYING TO BE BETTER THAN ME. Not gonna happen, my friend, if my 105 daily votes have something to say about the situation.

From now on, I will offer one 'mercy sundry' per node; after which I will downvote every writeup that contains that word after.

-=Pray that they never get the full text search to work=-

ah say, ah say, ah say...

Sun"dry (?), a. [OE. sundry, sondry, AS. syndrig, fr. sundor asunder. See Sunder, v. t.]


Several; divers; more than one or two; various.

"Sundry wines." Chaucer. "Sundry weighty reasons." Shak.

With many a sound of sundry melody. Chaucer.

Sundry foes the rural realm surround. Dryden.


Separate; diverse.


Every church almost had the Bible of a sundry translation. Coleridge.

All and sundry, all collectively, and each separately.


© Webster 1913.

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