(of which only 3 are silly jokes)

I hereby offer my services as your one-stop gathering shop from now on. So far we've only got Canada, America, Mexico, England, Scotland, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Japan here, but I'd be happy to host other countries as well. (Where the hell is Antarctica, is what I want to know.) Please /msg Two Sheds if you're having a gathering soon, or if I missed one.

Also, the gods have decreed that from now on, there will be no separate aftermath nodes. Put aftermath writeups in the original gathering nodes.

Walter sez: Much love to panamaus for reformatting this node, following a conversation about it we had at a gathering.

RoguePoet sez: Face-melting praise to Walter for keeping this thing together for many years. Messed with the format again in '08 after the list got too big and unwieldy. (Each year now links to the 'maus-style detailed list, in case that's not super clear.)

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hazy flashbacks


London, England


London, England


West Lafayette, Indiana


Washington DC * Washington DC to Oregon * Columbus, Ohio
London, England * St. Paul, Minnesota, USA * Portland, Oregon
Winchester, UK


Chicago, Illinois * Bloomington, Illinois * Portland, Oregon
West Lafayette, Indiana


London, England * Copenhagen, Denmark * Adelaide, Australia
Tokyo, Japan * Pacific City, Oregon * London, England
Toronto, Ontario * Portland, Oregon * Heyworth, Illinois
Melbourne, Australia * London, England


London, England * Davis, California * St. Louis, Missouri
Cambridge, England * Heyworth, Illinois * Werchter, Belgium
London, England * West Lafayette, Indiana * San Francisco, California
Portland, Oregon * Edinburgh, Scotland * Dallas, Texas


Fayville, Massachusetts * London, England * Dublin, Ireland
Columbus, Ohio * Avebury, England * Chicago, Illinois * Cologne, Germany
Heyworth, Illinois * Delft, The Netherlands * Lowell, Massachusetts
Swindon, England * Portland, Oregon * West Lafayette, Indiana


St. Louis, Missouri * Melbourne, Australia * New York City
Roselle Park, New Jersey * West Lafayette, Indiana * Beijing, Sydney & London
Guanajuato, Mexico * Portland, Oregon * Washington, D.C.
Bristol, England * New York City


Stanton, New Jersey * Hampstead Heath, London, England * McLean, Virginia
London, England * Christchurch, New Zealand * London, England
Montreal, Canada * Rochester, Michigan * Melbourne, Australia
Columbus, Ohio * London, England * Columbia, Missouri
West Lafayette, Indiana * Cronulla, Australia * Portland, Oregon
Heyworth, Illinois * Dublin, Ireland * San Jose, California
Bristol, England * London, England


London, England * London, England * Nashville, Tennesee
Copenhagen, Denmark * Vancouver, British Columbia * teh m00n * Canberra, Australia
Washington, D.C. * Shenandoah National Park, Virginia * London, England
Frankfurt, Germany * Lebanon, New Jersey * Melbourne, Australia
Stockholm, Sweden * London, England * Annapolis, Maryland
London, Ontario * Alexandria, Virginia * Ottawa, Ontario
London, England * Denver, Colorado * New York City
Birmingham, England * London, England * Oberlin, Ohio
Portland, Oregon * Heyworth, Illinois * Oamaru, New Zealand
Columbus, Ohio * New York City * Los Angeles, California
Bern, Switzerland * Portland, Oregon * New York City


New York City to Kansas City * Kansas City, Kansas * Salt Lake City, Utah
Oslo, Norway * Tampa, Florida * London, England
London, England * Atlantic City, New Jersey * Nottingham, England
Atlanta, Georgia * Boca Raton, Florida * Copenhagen, Denmark
London and Winchester, England * Edinburgh, Scotland * Las Vegas, Nevada
Sydney, Australia * Birmingham, England * Boston, Massachusetts
Columbus, Ohio * Narragansett, Rhode Island * New York City
Columbus, Ohio * London, England * Dublin, Ireland
Kingston, New York * Winchester, England * Glastonbury, England
Edinburgh, Scotland * Ottawa, Ontario * Nashville, Tennessee
Bristol, England * Durdle Door, Dorset, England * St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England
Crownsville, Maryland * London, England * Cadiz, Kentucky
Portland, Oregon * Nottingham, England * Astoria, New York
Sydney, Australia * Nashville, Tennessee * Cologne, Germany
Montreal, Quebec


New York City * London, England * New York City
Atlanta, Georgia * Los Angeles, California * Rhode Island
Nottingham, England * London, England * Atlantic City, New Jersey
Columbus, Ohio * Bhutan. Yes, seriously. * Iowa City
Portland, Oregon * Oakland, California * Baltimore, Maryland
Boston, Massachusetts * San Francisco, California * Iowa City, Iowa
London, England * an undisclosed location * Portland, Oregon
Los Angeles, California * Canaan, New Hampshire * Astoria, New York
Santa Barbara, California * Melbourne, Australia * Columbus, Ohio
Aberdeen, Scotland * Sparta, North Carolina * New York City
Bristol, England * Albuquerque, New Mexico * Orlando, Florida
Black Rock City, Nevada * London, England * London, England
Portland, Oregon * Warwick, NY and Fenton, MI * New York City
Devil's Tower, Wyoming * Dayton, Ohio * Nashville, Tennessee
West Lafayette, Indiana * London, England * Holland, Michigan
New York City


New York City * Smyrna, Georgia * London, England
Portland, Oregon * Sydney, Australia * La Jolla, California
Boston, Massachusetts * Long Beach, New York * Columbus, Ohio
Madison, Wisconsin * your own private Illinois * Helsinki, Finland
Dublin, Ireland * Toronto, Ontario * Gaithersburg, Maryland
Dallas, Texas * San Francisco, California * Brooklyn, New York
Seattle, Washington * San Francisco, California * Boston, Massachusetts
Portland, Oregon * Sparta, North Carolina * Palo Alto, California
in the mind of Footprints * New York City * Campbell, California
Sacremento, California * Ann Arbor, Michigan * Holland, Michigan
Crownsville, Maryland * Utrecht, The Netherlands * New Orleans, Louisiana
Cambridge, England * Sydney, Australia * London, England
Las Vegas, Nevada * Nashville, Tennessee * Berkeley, California
Vancouver, British Columbia * Vancouver, British Columbia * and Vancouver, British Columbia
"The Beaches," Florida


Vancouver, British Columbia * Tampa, Florida * New York City
Comet Hale-Bopp * San Francisco, California * Vancouver, British Columbia
Ann Arbor, Michigan * London, England or thereabouts * New York City
Northampton, Massachusetts maybe * New York City * New York City
Atlanta, Georgia * Portland, Oregon * Oakland, California
London, England * Las Vegas, Nevada * Boston, Massachusetts
Dallas, Texas * Olympia, Washington * New York City
Soho, London, England, United Kingdom, The Earth

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