Hear ye, hear ye! Esteemed britnoder Wntrmute will be in the Ontarian capital of Toronto for a few weeks as of this coming Wednesday. As such, a splendiferous gathering of local noders is in order. Resistance is futile.

The tentative plan is to do something informal, most likely involving some nourishment and libations at a local establishment. Also, there has not been a Toronto nodermeet since that time creases, bewilderbeast, Hapax and I tried to elude the frightening gent who kept listening in on our conversation and laughing at our jokes sometime last year. And I have somehow managed to miss every other official Toronto nodermeet held so far. So there.

Who: So far, Wntrmute, Timeshredder, Rapscallion and me. /msg me to have yourself added to the club. Timeshredder is offering a free Cthulu spawn to people who attend, while supplies last.

What: Anything goes, including but not limited to lengthy philosophical discussions, billiards and salacious E2 gossip other various forms of entertainment.

When: We have settled on Saturday, September 19 (International Talk Like a Pirate Day, as Oburo notes) as a date but have not yet discussed a time. Evening is likely best, as it is the customary time for eating, drinking and merriment. Shall we say 7 p.m. ET (midnight GMT)? The time is flexible, though people are more than welcome to drop in whenever it suits them.

Where: Our guest of honour is lodging in the downtown core, which features a massive variety of excellent meeting places. Suggestions are welcome. I will tentatively suggest the Imperial Pub (54 Dundas St. E.), which features a variety of beverages and foodstuffs, in addition to comfortable seating and at least one pool table. Or at least it did the last time I was there.

Why: Because, silly!

How: The aforementioned suggested location is easily accessible by TTC (take the subway to Dundas station; the pub is across from Yonge-Dundas Square at the intersection of Dundas and Victoria Streets).

As mentioned, all are welcome and may advise me of their intentions via /msg. If you attend one Toronto nodermeet this year, make it this one.

October 25, 2010: Wntrmute has posted some of his photos from the nodermeet; you should check them out. I love that sweatshirt.

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