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Much like E2’s beloved , we also seem to have a blind spot when it comes to nodermeets. So come join us again in beautiful downtown Heyworth for . . .

Children of the Corny 5: 5’ll get you 10!

See, even though the dates aren’t exactly correct, we’re celebrating the 5th anniversary of our marriage in Toronto (2003) and the 10th anniversary of moving into our house here (1999).

Not only that -- let's work in E2's Tenth Anniversary as well!

And more -- October 17th is the 20th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake, which I remember well!

So ... we want to celebrate with all of y’all!


Friday, October 16 through Monday, October 19. Can’t do it at Halloween this year due to prior commitments, unfortunately! The meet starts Friday AFTER 5 PM and runs through Monday morning.

There'll be no one home until around 5 on Friday, so if you get here earlier, you'll have to entertain yourself until then! :)


The exact locale we’re celebratin’! Our house at 107 East Sullivan Street, Heyworth, Illinois. DO NOT go to 107 West Sullivan, those folks are not us! Heyworth is about ten minutes south of the Bloomington/Normal area – also some three hours from Chicago, Indianapolis, or St. Louis.

The Bloomington/Normal area is at the hub of many major highways: Interstate 55, Interstate 74, US 51, and even ol' Route 66. The Central Illinois Regional Airport is also nearby. The Peoria airport, 50 miles distant, may be cheaper. Also, there's an Amtrak station in Normal that's very convenient. Message me if you need help with directions, travel plans, or need a ride from/to public transport.


Oh hell, we just like seeing our noder friends again and celebrating with everyone! And who needs an excuse for a party, anyway?


We’ll do the chips and snacks and munchies as always, soft drinks, and wine. For the harder stuff, bring what you like and bring some to share (sharing is caring, after all). We don’t know jack about beer, so again bring what you like. If you bring something not for sharing, don’t forget to write your name on it!

Breakfast each day will be the famous Everything2 Pancakes and Waffles; for lunch and dinner, volunteers graciously accepted, or we can play it by ear! One thing we’re looking at is lunch or dinner at one of the famous Route 66 stops near to us.

BREAKING NEWS: The famous Jenchiladas may also be making an appearance (encourage her)!


The usual, of course: eating, drinking (in the grand tradition of E2 nodermeets), games (the famous Carcassonne tournament will be on!), discussing and solving World Events, and meeting noders you’ve never met (but have wanted to all your life!).

Also, I have been informed that THE ORACLE will be in attendance and holding court, dispensing wisdom, advice, and whatever else it is she does!


Sleeping space may be tight, but we'll figure it out!. We can sleep two on the futon (it’s been reinforced), one on the couch, three to four in the upstairs bedroom, and three to four or so on the floor in the living room (floor crashers should bring something on which to sleep, it’s a hardwood floor!). The garage may be renovated into usable space by this time as well. If you’ve got a preference, please let me know SOON. There are motels within ten miles or so of us – let me know if you need help with arrangements.


The cats will be boarded at our hunky vet's office for the weekend. They'll be furious when they come home Monday, but I'll heal up ... eventually ...

As a rule, we don’t have neighbor problems, but keeping outside noise down is always appreciated.

Confirmed celebrants:

Checking their diaries:

We regret … :


The drive down to the nodermeet was scenic, a never ending collection of serene cornfields under a bucolic Wisconsin sky. Thunderclouds gathered when I crossed the Illinois border. Rain fell intermittently but it was soft and soothing, a balm for my victimized nerves. Wiccanpiper remarked on the ominous weather as he led me into his home. The floors in his home are mellow with age. His house is homey, a charming collection of pipes, perfumed by delicious kitchen smells.

BriarCub arrived not long after Wiccanpiper mentioned that he needed a few last minute items from the store. By that time passport had arrived. Together the three of us traveled to pick up various ingredients we'd be needing. Traffic was nonexistant in the small town of Heyworth, amicably we gathered our purchases and returned back to Wiccanpiper's bearing sour cream, rippled potato chips and a Heyworth Hornets t-shirt for passport's significant other. Rapscallion was the next to arrive. He was a quiet sort unlike BrooksMarlin who did his Werner Herzog impersonation while offering me a small bag filled with delectable delights. The doorbell rang as my teeth sank into a death delivering nut studded chocolate.

Fortunately I had already taken a double dose of allergy pills so I spit my candy in the trash before greeting dann and avalyn. Hugs were exchanged, vandewal brought a glass of wine out for me, thoughtfully he had written my name on the cup which he set on the porch railing. When I raised my cup I found that the wine vandewal brought me had been replaced with a yeasty smelling beverage. Since I'm allergic to beer I dumped my drink over the side and watched as avalyn poured shots of chartreuse for sauth, eien_meru and androjen. Viewing their reactions was interesting, chaotic_poet sipped at it, I was offered a shot but not knowing how a powerful alcoholic drink would interact with the medications I had been prescribed I resigned myself to a sip of the potent brew.

Warmth flowed through me as the drink was interred. Colors swirled around me, dizzily I made my way back to where I had been seated unaware of what was going on around me. I grew tired as the night waned yet I was wary of driving to my hotel alone. Earlier I had misplaced my scarf, out in the car only my hand reaching up to adjust my rear view mirror saved the scarf around my throat from being drawn overly tight. Noise from my horn honking drew others. By the time I could breathe again it was clear to me that someone was out to get me. Privately I mentioned my fears to OldMiner and LaggedyAnne. Despite their reassurances that my safety was their number one priority I decided to return to Wisconsin a day early.

Friday night I slept unusally well. After speaking with Sessor and kevi I decided that I would stay for lunch and leave after that. Back in 2006 I had a bad allergic reaction at a stir fry restaurant which turned out to be the lunch plan. The meal was over and supper plans were being discussed when I discovered that I had accidentally ingested something I was allergic to. Oddly enough the incident at the restaurant turned the nodermeet around for me. People who had been hostile earlier were exceptionally nice to me. After a supper of sandwiches people gathered in the garage for a round of drinking games. Maybe it was just the alcohol but I found myself relaxing as we sat around talking. I reversed my earlier decision to leave, Friday night scarcatcher had spent the night in the garage, space heaters made it cozy so I spread my quilts down, unrolled my sleeping bag and settled in for the night.

Sunday morning the garage door refused to open. Through the frozen window I could see people gathered in the kitchen. Noises that sounded like cars running confused me until I spotted several tail pipes poking through holes near the base of the garage door. Clues I had missed earlier came together as I lay on the floor; my mind went back to the averted gazes, several people had encouraged me to partake of poisoned candy and drugged food, I thought about how E2Prairie formed the E2OrientExpress group after my name went on the nodermeet list of attendees. I have never gotten along with alex and his wife had easy access to drugs that would incapacitate me. One of the last things I remember seeing was the smiling face of someone I had trusted. Several others stood by while I frantically scribbled in my notebook wondering if what I had written would ever get posted .

Editor's note: jessicaj is doing much better now that her room has been redecorated.

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