Actually, this *was* a nodeshell rescue. The nodeshell was formerly entitled "A strange, unknown man comes to visit, and will not get off your toilet no matter how many times you ask, thus requiring the construction of a new bathroom or the demolition of the house". Since it was an exceedingly long title, some kind soul in The Management sugguested a change. See choose short titles.

As to who made this nodeshell, well...

Perhaps the unknown creator of this nodeshell was referring to a scenario similar to the one outlined below:


The family of a friend of mine (to be named George, for the purpose of this writeup) went through a divorce a few years back. Shortly thereafter, George's mother got re-married. To him, his new "dad" was a strange, unknown man who came to visit and decided to stay. While his mother may indeed love him dearly, George had no idea who this man really was (see morality within). Naturally, since he isn't his real father to begin with, he's predisposed to dislike and distrust him. This might explain the 'strange unknown man' referred to in this node title.

As to the fact that the "man will not get off your toilet no matter how many times you ask him," perhaps something from my own life will answer this.

My former dad spent a large amount of time on the toilet (in the library, as we called it). My former dad, because my parental units are divorced and he is the dad I do not enjoy talking with in the least. I have a personal dislike for alcoholics; forgive me. Anyway, he always picked the worst times to "get some reading done." Since I have three sisters as well, and since the house was only equipped with two bathrooms, I was faced with harrowing dilemmas on a regular basis.

   "Dad, could you please hurry? I really have to take a piss, and Rachel, Sarah, and Rebekah are hogging the bathroom upstairs."
   "Not now, I'm reading," he would say, or "I will try."

That's what he said when I told him I did not feel he loved me very much, and asked him to express that thing called a father's love more frequently. So of course, I didn't believe a word he'd just spoken.

Now, imagine a 10 year old little boy, who really has to "water the flowers." Either he must face his three sisters upstairs, and explain to them that his need to urinate is more important than their makeup, or he must wait for his father to finish reading Seige: Malta, or he must water the flowers, quite literally. Being a 10 year old boy who spent quite a lot of time building forts, making booby-traps for the bad guys who inhabited the forest behind his house, and adding kerosene and other such fuels to already large fires, using The Great Outdoors as his personal bathroom was no big deal. But, when a flushie was within grasp, just on the other side of that door… how could one stoop so low?

"There's always the kitchen sink."

Since, quite obviously, I was faced with some very tough choices (for a 10 year old), construction of a new bathroom facility would have been very helpful, and definitely the most obvious choice (again, at least in my 10 year old eyes). After all, the kitchen sink was too high! If all else fails, demolition of the house would solve this problem as well, since it would at least remove "dad" and the three sisters from the bathrooms. This leaves much to be had, unfortunately, as it still leaves a 10 year old wondering if it's okay to piss on the fresh ruins of his formerly sacred home.

So, to wrap up, suppose I am George (whom I am not), and my mom has recently married a man I know nothing about, and whom I have an inborn distrust for. Then, place said man on the toilet in the water closet downstairs, and my mom and youngest sister in the bathroom upstairs, and perhaps I would become the unknown soul who created this nodeshell. Perhaps.

I would go with demolition, personally.


This has been a nodeshell rescue.

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