A motion picture released in 1986, holding a PG-13 rating because of language, nudity and adult situations. Directed by Robert Burge and starring Paul Sorvino, Abe Vigoda and Lorne Greene.

Okay, how can one go wrong with that cast? And with that title? I admit I have never seen this film and I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable asking for it at the video store. "Ehem, ah, do you have Vasectomy: A Delicate Matter?" However, as I researched the career of Abe Vigoda for no apparent reason, I came across this little gem in his resume and I could not avoid becoming fascinated with it.

According to AllMovie.com, the plot has something to do with Paul Sorvino and his boss, portrayed by Lorne Greene. Old Lorne is dying and owns this big company. He is concerned about his greedy family taking over and destroying what he has built. Sorvino is offered some kind of deal in return for keeping the company in the control of Lorne Greene's son, who is incompetent, so apparently Sorvino will be pulling the strings from behind the black curtain if things work out.

Okay, so what is this about a vasectomy and why is the vasectomy and the fact that it is a delicate matter the title of this film? Well, Sorvino goes through all sorts of zany adventures as a result of doing his boss' bidding, and then he comes home. There is no rest and relaxation for our hero there. His wife and their eight children are not pleased, and Sorvino's wife demands that he get a vasectomy immediately (as in right this damned minute) or she will cut off his playtime in the bedroom.

And what about Abe Vigoda? He plays a police detective in the film. Is there something suspicious about the vasectomy? Is there something illegal about the way Lorne Greene is handling the affairs of his company? One will have to watch the film to find out.

If anyone has actually seen this film and has any idea why it was made or why things like this happen in the world, please let me know. Thank you and goodnight.

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