This is an infomercial for LOBOSOL, the complete system parasites and candida treatment .

"I found out what was living in me, and am I glad it's out!"
A LOBOSOL satisfied cutomer.

“I find parasites in 92% of people. Everybody – rich and poor – the whole population have parasites. It is not restricted to lower classes at all.
A doctor.

“Many Vegetarians also have various parasites. Their eggs may be eaten with vegetables or fruit.
Parasite Technician, BSP, RIBA

A true account:

“I consider my self to be a healthy 27 year old. I exercise regularly, up to 3 times a week, I eat a balanced nutritional diet and drink under my recommended weekly allowance of alcohol. During my lifetime so far I have experienced no serious illnesses.

In my early 20’s, however, I did notice a couple of health concerns that I have since battled to live with.

Around the age of 21 I developed chronic breathing difficulties. I would often be caught short of breath and would feel a congestion or heaviness in the chest. At times my lack of oxygen would cause some dizziness, and the heaviness was particularly apparent when exhaling.

When I consulted my physician he merely told me to go away and come back when I started wheasing. That would be asthma, and something that he could diagnose. A couple of years went by and I did return having noticed what I thought was wheasing. I was prescribed a ventolin inhaler. When I asked my doctor if he was sure my problem was asthma, he replied that I had heaviness of breathing as well as wheasing, and that constituted asthma – end of story.

The first time I used the inhaler it didn’t work. So I used it again. It didn’t work again. So I used it a third time (in a row) and it almost choked me. It was thrown aside and never picked up again.

Around the same time I noticed irregularities in my heartbeat. No one would seem to take this problem seriously, but the “skipping” of my heartbeat was very disturbing and often would leave me breathless. On one occasion I admitted myself to hospital due to one of these episodes. Upon being wired up to an ECG I was told that my problem was pyschosomatic and was sent home with a placebo.

During the years I have noticed the typical symptoms of worms – anal and ear itching. I have also experienced itching shoulders, particularly following hot showers or sleep. Sometimes I would awake having caused bleeding by scratching my shoulders and back while asleep.

When I read an article by Dr. Raymond Roach on the frequence of parasitic infestation in humans and the common symptoms I thought I had nothing to lose by trying out LOBOSOL.

The results were stunning. Before the second day on LOBOSOL was over I noticed dead worms in the toilet bowl (around 3cm long, perhaps 1mm in diameter and whitish in colour).

On the fourth day I felt what can best be described as “jet-lagged”. Drained and listless, I had to knock off work and lie down.

On the seventh day I experienced nausea all day. I was shown by a friend in the LOBOSOL data sheet that these are often the symptoms of detoxification in cases of high parasitic activity. The suggestion was made to cut down the dosage, but after what I had already seen in the toilet bowl I was too scared to reduce my intake of the product. I just wanted the things out of my body as quickly as possible, and so I put up with the side effects.

After one week I noticed for the first time in around 15 years that my heaviness of breathing was going. I felt like I had just dropped off a heavy weight I had been carrying around for many years.

After three weeks on the product I noticed that my heart skipping episodes had gone. In the weeks prior to starting the LOBOSOL I was having perhaps six of these “attacks” per day!

After four weeks on the product I noticed that the areas of my back and shoulders were now no longer itching.

I can’t describe how good it feels to know that you’re rid of parasites. It is a real period of enlightenment for me to notice health problems I used to cope with which now no longer occur, and then put two and two together as to the cause of them.

I will be a regular user of LOBOSOL probably for the rest of my life – I don’t want to go back to where I have been for so many years. The parasites have been living off me for so long, but now I have had the last laugh.”  

This is a COMPLETE system parasite and candida treatment.

33 day course for under $47.00 USD!

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Remember, this is a once-off treatment. You only need to repeat it as required. No expensive ongoing courses. It's simple! Just one capsule three times per day.

And to finish...

 “The lady decided to finish the herbs by taking it regularly as directed. One night she was lying in her bed, and she felt a tickling in her throat and thought it is mucous. She went to the bathroom and coughed it up, put it in a Kleenex and turned the light on. The scream she let out woke up her husband, and what they found in the tissue was the head and two more inches of a tapeworm which had come up in her throat. Lots of times, particularly in children, the tapeworm will come through the nose looking for some more to eat.”

Do you want to experience life without parasites?

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