Doug Paul Peterson peered peculiarly over the precipice. (partially perturbed)

"This is the find of a lifetime,"

He thought, his mind fluttering about and fantasizing about what may be to come. Talk shows, newspaper articles, magazine headlines, he pined for. "Man of the year! Man of the year!" belted an imaginary taunting crowd in the back of his mind, his pursuit to make that crowd a reality, all that kept him going. He had been on the expedition for many weeks now, long, long after his funding ran out, and long after his partners decided to leave him.

"You'll never find it!" they predicted.
"It's just a myth!" they guaranteed.

Yea, some may have called him crazy, but even a crazy man gets lucky from time to time.

After arriving at the spot indicated on his map, he unpacked his tools and began to dig.

And so, he dug.
And dug.
And dug.
And Doug, finally getting weary of all this digging, got up, went over to a rock, and sat down to rest.


But then he thought that rocks typically don't sound hollow. They typically make a "Thud" or even a "Clack" but never a "Klummmm…"
Curious, he reached for his pickaxe and began to work away at the mass of the rock. After a few minutes, and a triumphant blow with the axe, he was finally able to remove the outer face of the rock. What shown under it boggles and bedazzles the mind.

At first he couldn't believe it, he had single handedly solve one of the greatest archeological puzzles of all time. He instantly realized what had enabled the Wazawazakum(y!)be tribe to survive for so long, while maintaining their strict vegetarian diet and yet still possessing extraordinary amounts of protein and all around heartiness. He realized how the people, through passionate vegetarianism, had become the most learned of all of the tribes. He gazed deep into the source of their power, and marveled at its wonders.

His heart began to swell with joy as he exclaimed:

My God! It's chock full of SOY!

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