They guess about the man who left me,
some pendulum soul, going the way man go...

Anne Sexton

It would be funny, kinda, if I wont in this situation. I mean the idea that I would go and get this here child, go and ask for the back pain and the nausea and the whole shooting match. I don't think I'm the smartest girl in the world, but I ain't no Id-jet . Some smart aleck at church said I was "looking to get knocked up." Yeah, right, I would like to knock him up one...punk.

I was careless, OK? I mean I own up to that much. But it was kinda Brad's fault, too, knowwhatImean ? I mean he was there too, and he's four years older than me and everything. We been dating for 'bout a year or so and I guess we both thought it would be a way to celebrate and well one thing led to another, as they say. At least for me it did. He done left town and people say he's living in Atlanta with his Uncle or something, but nobodys talking.

My pastor says women are more responsible for these type of "situations" (he likes calling it a situation and he sorta winces we he uses that word). He says that since we end of raising the kids, we need to be the ones who are "extra careful" and stuff. I guess that's kinda late news at this point, ain't it?

Well, I gotta go, my cousin's here to drive me back home. Y'all coming back to the clinic next month? Great, see ya then.

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