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Well, here we go again! Autumn’s on the way and that means only one thing: time for another E2 Nodermeet out here on the prairies of Illinois! This is your official invitation to . . .

Children of the Corny 6: INTO THE WOODS!

September 3 - 6, 2010 • Heyworth, Illinois

Into the woods the noders go
What will they do? Nobody knows!
Into the woods the noders go to have a geeky week-end

Into the woods the noders go
To talk and drink/but mostly drink
Into the woods the noders go where no one else can find them!

Perhaps a game/of Carcassonne?
Before you know it, the weekend’s gone!

A node is just words
We vote up or down . . .

I know it doesn’t bode well
When someone nukes your nodeshell!

Into the woods the noders go
What will they see? Nobody knows!
Into the woods the noders go to have a fun-filled week-end!

(thanks to BriarCub, with apologies to Stephen Sondheim!)


US Labor Day weekend: Friday, September 3 through Monday, September 6. The meet starts Friday afternoon and runs through Monday NOON. As karma debt might say, "If you're still there by Monday noon, you'll be put to work cleaning!"

If you plan on arriving Friday before, say, 1 or 2 PM, let me know!


We’ve secured a lodge just a few miles north of Bloomington, Illinois. It sleeps plenty of folks; there’s a "living room" area, showers, full kitchen, loft area for sleepers, and it’s out in the woods (thus the title, natch!). It’s climate-controlled and Really Nice.

Now, this being a lodge operated by the Girl Scouts, there’s always a chance we could get 'bounced' – in which case we’ll default to our place in Heyworth and we'll contact attendees if that happens.

Well, we DID get bounced! So the meet will indeed be at our house in Heyworth, just like it always is. Message me if you need directions, will ya?

Heyworth is 11 miles south of Bloomington. The Bloomington/Normal area is at the hub of many major highways: Interstate 55, Interstate 74, US 51, and even ol' Route 66. The Central Illinois Regional Airport is also nearby. The Peoria airport, 50 miles distant, may be cheaper. Also, there's an Amtrak station in Normal that's very convenient, someone will be available to collect you if you let us know. If you're coming in to Chicago, also let us know as early as possible - we may be able to arrange transport (Bloomington is 2½ hours to the south).


Same as it ever was: BriarCub and I just like seeing our noder friends (old and new) again and celebrating with everyone! And we STILL DON'T NEED an excuse for a party!


We’ll do the chips and snacks and munchies as always, soft drinks, and wine. For the harder stuff, bring what you like and bring some to share (sharing is caring, after all). We don’t know diddly about beer, so again, bring what you like. If you bring something not for sharing, don’t forget to write your name on it!

NEW! We've got a menu plan! Here goes ...
FRIDAY NIGHT: Lovely whole-wheat pasta with browned butter and Mizithra cheese!
SATURDAY BRUNCH: a trek up to a Central Illinois landmark, a trek to the fabled Green Gables at Lake Bloomington (best damn cheeseburgers in the world!)
SATURDAY DINNER: Red Lentils and Sausage Stew!
SUNDAY BRUNCH: lovely scones with all sorts of stuff to put on 'em!
SUNDAY DINNER: yet to be determined MONDAY SEND-OFF BRUNCH:the famous Everything2 Pancakes and Waffles!


The usual, of course: eating, drinking (in the grand tradition of E2 nodermeets), games (the famous Carcassonne tournament will be on!), discussing and solving World Events, and meeting noders you’ve never met (but have wanted to all your life!). My Wi-Fi setup seems to be working OK, so bring your laptop if you want!


Sleeping space may be tight, but we'll figure it out!. The futon is spoken for, but we can put one on the couch, three to four in the upstairs bedroom, and three to four or so on the floor in the living room (floor crashers should bring something on which to sleep, it’s a hardwood floor!). The garage IS NO LONGER usable this year, too full of stuff! If you’ve got a sleeping preference, please let me know SOON. There are motels within ten miles or so of us – let me know if you need help with arrangements.


The cats will be boarded at our hunky vet's office for the weekend. They'll be furious when they come home Monday, but I'll heal up ... eventually ...

NEW! There will be TWO DOOR PRIZES to be won Saturday night!!

As a rule, we don’t have neighbor problems, but keeping outside noise down is always appreciated.

Please check this node occasionally for updates! Subject to change without notice. Void where prohibited. Your mileage may vary. Not legal tender in some states and countries.

Venturing into the woods:

Thinking about the forest:

We regret ... :

  • Dimview, who will be invading New York City at the time.
  • Timeshredder, who can't make it. Blame Canada.
  • tentative, who is quite unhappy about not being able to be there.
  • artman2003, having a clash with his anniversary dates.
  • Wntrmute's work has gotten in the way.
  • cassparadox has an unfortunate case of real life
  • androjen's plans were thwarted at the last minute.
  • jessicaj, captured by the In-Laws!
  • dann, who will need to stay in Oregon that weekend.

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