Help! My household, already infiltrated by a Limey spy, is going to be invaded by TWO MORE with funny accents - The Debutante and darl. Please, please come and help me repel them, or at least dump some tea into the river. Really! I need help! They are trying to take our constitution, since we don't seem to be using it. Bring your muskets and your letters of marque, so we can tell if you are really privateers, or just ordinary revolutionary types.

Davis, California. Chez wertoons. /msg for addy or directions.

Labour Day Weekend, that's the 1st through 3rd of September. wertperch and I will both be working until about 1 pm, me at the local farmer's market, he at the local food co-op. You are welcome to arrive on Friday night, but will have to entertain yer own self in Davis while we labor in the morning.

Saturday afternoon: post-market picnic in the park. Throw frisbees, generally act like seventies beach bums. Expect a very foodie weekend.

Saturday night: PARTY, practice your groooovy british accent by imbibing beverages of various mind- and mood-altering sorts. Phone Wiccanpiper and chat with midwestern noderites. Games? We have 'em; Carcassonne, EatPoop, Settlers of Catan, the deluxe Rush Hour, and yes we have wireless, so bring your laptop. We hope to have ouroboros the scary mixmaster there, and no I do NOT want to drink something called a Klaproth.

Sunday morning: heart-attack fried breakfast, cooked by an only mildly hungover wertperch and Debutante.

Sunday day: if it stays this hot - high nineties - we will make an expetition up to Cache Creek, so jumping in the river and floating down can be the order of the day. This weather lends itself to picnics and lying around in the shade with a tall boat drink.

Sunday night: jam session for those inclined.

What to bring:
  • Children! The imp/buddha is now nine, and would love to meet your offspring/nephews/nieces/pirate babies.
    Summer clothes - it can still be 95 or 105 degrees in Davis at this time of year.
  • Sleeping bag and padding - we have a few beds and such for the early bird.
    Your favorite libation to share
  • Musical instruments. That might be nice, we could annoy the neighbours with our filk songs
  • Your favourite writeup, we may do a noderfest E2 podcast!

What not to bring:
Controlled substances. (DO I need to say this?) No one here wants to be either arrested or deported. Yes, you can bring moral turpitude if you really want to.

So far:
the wily wertperch
the graceful grundoon
the incomparable imp/buddha
the darling, daring Debutante
dramatic and dashing darl
the fantastic fuzzy and blue
the prestidigitory panamaus
The fabulous Focus and John
the unforgettable fairyplain, altho we don't know when or where said noder is arriving.

Devon +1
Matthew, training from Seattle. join him!
ouroboros weaseled, but sent the recipe for something called The Blue Meanie. If it is mean enough, we will quantify the various sunday morning hangovers.
belgand*, Weaseled!

ideath - will be in Italy. Partial credit.
jongleur will be hiking, altho he will come through earlier in the week. Also partial credit.
doyle is buying a house. No excuse! Will be sent a carload of ninjagirls to punish him.
Gorgonzola off on some random other coast. No excuse! One carload of stinky sock cheese as punishment!

le petite mort Some guff about the wrong continent. I'm still working out her punishment, but it involves corsets.
I'm still working on, so WATCH THIS SPACE.

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