Now wait just an apple-picking minute! A Noder Harvest and Housewarming Party!

Where: Northeast Massachusetts, USA


So, mostly because not a lot of people can make it, this meet is getting postponed. However, I still like apples, so if you're interested in meeting up, picking apples, getting food and then going home, send me a /msg.

When: Sunday, October 7, 2007. 11am til whenever.

Ah, New England in autumn. The crisp fallen leaves crunching and rattling underfoot as cool winds sweep through the orchard. A chance to tromp around outside in sweaters and boots, before the winter freeze shuts us up inside our cosy homes.

Also, I have this shiny new apartment. It needs some breaking in. With noders and beers.

The plans:
I want to pick apples on Sunday-. Locals are encouraged to contact me by /msg or email to see if this is still happening, and if so, where. If the weather is crappy, I'm sleeping in. If people want to do stuff, we can communicate by phone/email, and I'll update this node.

This is a one day thing, no overnights.

How do I get there?
I live in Lowell, MA. You will get the address and driving directions when you RSVP. If you are stodgy and don't want to send me a /msg, you can reply by email to ruggrat (at) gmail (dot) com. I'd like to get an email address and/or a cell number from everyone attending, in case of the unspeakable. I am conveniently located near rt495 and rt3, and commuter rail trains run from NORTH Station in Boston to the center of Lowell every hour or so.

Directions to the orchard:
Are not here. Email me.

P.S. If you've read this far and are sad about me cancelling, don't worry, I'm still planning on having a 2nd annual 25th birthday party in March, start thinking about your vacation time and budget now!

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